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July 28, 2009
Taliban extends authority, influence in Afghanistan

American and British forces have been suffering greater casualties in Afghanistan as they step up their battle against the Taliban.

The war is weighing heavily on the British public, as a new poll revealed on Tuesday. The survey was commissioned by The Independent newspaper and found that 58 percent think the war is unwinnable, and 52 percent want British forces withdrawn immediately.

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, who worked on an advisory board to General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan, joins Martin Savidge to discuss if “victory” is possible for NATO forces.




So why are Americans and British Troops massing in Afghanistan exactly, does anyone know?

still after Bin Laden maybe? is that it or is there more to it? Is it to keep Bush appointed President Hamid Karzai in office, or is it about the poppies to get the Heroin? are we trying to kill all the Taliban to? or is it all about the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline ~~>


Mr. Cordesman isn’t being candid. His remarks reflect the same nonsense we were being fed about the Vietnam war. The fact is that the Afghans hate westeners and their “democracry” and want to retain their tribal way of life and government.As one Taliban noted. “the more they send the more we kill.” The Taliban should have been mercilessly punished for 9/11 but that could have been acomplished with one carrier off shore instead of massive numbers of invading troops. America is now stuck as have been all other invaders of Afghanistan and will experience the same humilating defeat that the Russian did. They just never learn do they?

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