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July 27, 2009
U.S. kicks off high-level policy talks with China

The U.S. and China began two days of high-level meetings in Washington on Monday, with nuclear proliferation and the global economic crisis among the issues on the agenda.

In an address to diplomats from both countries, U.S. President Barack Obama said he was under no illusions that the U.S. and China will agree on every issue. But Obama also underscored the value of the relationship, which he claims will shape the 21st century.

For more on the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, read Worldfocus blogger Nina Hachigian’s take: He SED, she SED: This week’s dialogue with China.

Orville Schell, the director of the Center on U.S.-China relations at the Asia Society, joins Martin Savidge to discuss what may come of these meetings.

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Kind of sick of the holier than thou USA . India was conquered without a shot being fired . You and your cousins the British are pretty good at divide and rule because they were incited to fight among themselves..
So we know how the western press can be mobilised to do the work . Western journalist euphemised lies by calling it spin or selective reporting. The paragon of free speech to enslave people with their innuendos , half truths and pretense. It’ll be their joy to see China and India squabble.


For years now China and North Korea have sold missiles to Pakistan and Chinese experts have reportedly trained the Pakistani unit assigned to fire the missiles; In the event of a major coup would the Chinese Government be fortright in disclosing where the land based weapons are located if US Intellgence is not certain of the exact sites especially before India takes matter’s into it’s own hands and launches an attack in defense of its security.

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