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July 23, 2009
South Africans protest poverty, blaming immigrants

In South Africa on Thursday, unhappiness about persistent poverty and shoddy public services led to unrest in some of the townships near Johannesburg.

President Jacob Zuma warned protesters to respect the law. But across that country, an estimated one million families live in shacks without power and very limited plumbing.

Many blame immigrants for taking jobs that might lead to a better life. For more, watch the Worldfocus signature story “Immigrants in South Africa deal with hostility, xenophobia.”

Yaw Nyarko, a professor of economics and the head of Africa House at New York University, joins Martin Savidge to discuss South African attitudes towards immigrants and the government, as well as economic conditions.

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Yawn Yarko!

Apartheid created townships? How about the slums growing everywhere in Africa? Apartheid in the Congo? Apartheid in Mali? Rabat? Egypt?


what didn’t he answer? can you explain? he seemed to have done a good job.


Your guest was incoherent and did not answer any of Martin’s questions. Can you please look around and find someone who knows the important region of Africa much better

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