July 21, 2009
Once revered, Egypt’s cats now routinely abused

In ancient times in Egypt, cats were revered — often mummified and buried in their own cemeteries. But nowadays, those once cherished animals are routinely abused.

Jon Jensen and Theodore May of Worldfocus partner GlobalPost report from Egypt.




er moet een actie op touw komen om dit verschrikkelijke dierenleed en mishandeling te voorkomen


If you wish to adopt a Mau cat or help EMRO save these animals, kindly write to info@emaurescue.org and check out website: http://www.emaurescue.org


Hey everyone, my name is Heba and I work with Amina Abaza at SPARE. Amina is the amazing lady featured in the piece. Here’s a link to our site. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help save these beautiful and abused animals.


Symbols…of Ancient Egyptian Cats?

Subconcious Assessments
from Ancient Times…
spilling Ancient Teachings
into the modern
of Various Aspects
of Humanity
in these…
spiralling Times…

…only a regional observation
to be applied…as applicable…

the Observation
with Salt…
and a Meal…
with a Friend.
(If you can still call
any Human…your “Friend”…
The Possibilities
of such Friendship
are not denied–in Theory:
but the Facts of Evidence
for such relics are, truly, few…)

“with all your offerings
you shall
offer salt.”

even utter Solitude
without much contact
with “Humans”
has its…”Salt”.

If this Concious Assessment seems:
not greatly true…
Witness the Tale of the Egyptian Cats…
hire a Modern Version of an
indigenous Ancient Egyptian Cat
to show you–without endless usages of “misunderstood words”:
to what Hieroglyphs of Wisdom–
yet residing to be read
beyond the
Present States Of
Humans (collectively)
have yet to, sincerely, attempt
to read and translate for themselves
in order to transcend
mere Symbologies of Circumstances
spiralling into Events…
and into
the Annals of the Ancient
Histories of
any of
(in any of) those
who have dared
yet dare
to call themselves:
“Civilized Humans…”
despite their…
unceasing Inhumanities.


“There is nothing new under the sun.”


Dr. Abdel Rahman is the manager of the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO) and their website is http://www.emaurescue.org and email is info@emaurescue.org

Amina Abaza is the president of the Society for the Protection of the Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE) and their website is http://www.sparelives.org and emails are spare@menanet.net or amina@sparelives.org


Is there any way to know how to contact the Doctor and the lady from the shelter? Probably some people, after seeing this video, will feel like giving some financial contribution to help them continue doing their work. Places like Egypt, where people are not taught to love animals need people like these one.


I absolutely love cats and this report sickened me. I want to help the man in this report in his work to help cats if he will allow it. If you could please put me in touch with him I would be grateful. I am sure that he would welcome monetary donations and I would even take some of his cats if possible. They do not have to be in perfect health either – I want to help all I can.
Thank you.


I would like to adopt an Egyptian Mau cat (in good health). Please let me know how to do this.

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