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July 20, 2009
Clinton touts prospects for U.S.-India relations

On a visit to India, the world’s second most populous country, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touted the prospects for strengthening U.S.-India relations.

On Monday, the two countries concluded a new deal that will grant American companies exclusive rights to sell India civilian nuclear power reactors — a deal that could be worth $10 billion.

But even as that deal was struck, India once again resisted American efforts to limit carbon emissions — a deal India fears would slow its own economy.

Amit Pandya of the The Stimson Center joins Martin Savidge to discuss the Secretary of State’s visit to India and the state of American-Indian relations.




Dear Mr. Savidge,

In order to get an agreement from all parties on carbon emissions reduction, a technology that addresses all concerns could be offered.
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Dear Mr. Savidge,
Your today news about Indis sounds like you are
either not aware of India and her progress but are still living in COLD WAR BOX. I find often your news are bised and pro Pakistan.
You had Mr. Rashid for interview and I suggest read his book Decent into Chaos and learn about Pakistan.
Do you recognise that Taliban is nothing but part of Pak army and ISI and fighting proxy war agains USA and NATO.

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