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July 16, 2009
Russian human rights activist kidnapped and murdered

In the capital of Chechnya, the republic long ravaged by civil war and insurgency, an acclaimed Russian human rights activist was kidnapped and  murdered.

On Thursday, mourners gathered to remember Natalya Estemirova. She had worked in Chechnya for a decade, focusing on killings and kidnappings she believed were carried out under the authority of Chechnya’s president, who is backed by the Kremlin.

Estemirova had been working with Human Rights Watch on a report. Rachel Denber, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia division, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the killing and the state of human rights in Russia.




[…] escalating war — and increasing casualties — in Afghanistan, the U.S. commitment to human rights abroad and Hillary Clinton’s role in U.S. foreign […]


Another expression of brute force trying to fight the light of good people. A lot of bad karma for Russia in the whole situation in that area. A lot of collective karma for the Russian people to suffer also, for allowing the war and war crimes there.


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text (#3):

The present World’s Structure
is only the ‘Reflection’
(perhaps, ‘Shadow’…
of the ‘Real World’…
{the ‘Real World’ ≠ …
‘Present Form of Earth’}
which we do not yet fully see
in ‘Ideal Form’)


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text(#2):

Agree with yourself:
to Awaken [on more Levels…
than just One]
at the [hour of the] next
[Internal/External] Sunrise…

This is what the Living–
so long as the Living
can be called…Alive–
must do.

Peace Being Unto You…

if not always
at every moment…

is possible—
[…if there can be
a “solidifying”
of a kind of…
‘Intuitive Certainty’…
which might be
taken into account,
as in Platonic Thought…
(i.e. Plato’s Theory of Forms)
The present World’s Structure
is only the ‘Reflection’
(perhaps, ‘Shadow’…
of the
{‘Real World’ ≠ …
‘Present Form of Earth’}
which we do not yet fully see
in ‘Ideal Form’)
of the Immense Possibilities
of the Current
Eventual Inevitabilities
hidden behind
the Existence
of Other Dimensions
and Worlds
(besides Earth…)
then, there can be
in what we have already
seen even on this
Imperfect Form Of Earth
as potent “subject matter”
denoting, sometimes:
“Sublime Examples”
upon Earth’s Philosophical Geometry
in many
hued and, often: very colorful…
Realms of Possibility:]—
if It is practiced
Internally, first.


It is a pity that stories such as these can still be told.

The Russians–as a people, individually–are a
great people.

Yet, again? Until Culture can be transcended
the greatness of the Russian people will, necessarily, be limited to only the greatness of their core culture which will still allow things such as are written here in the main article to occur.

In the Regions Of Possibility:

1. A Transcendent Way could be found which would render geometrical situations of force which result in murder unnecessary…but the fact that the murder occured must mean:
a. that other, more transcendent possibilities (for dealing with these matters) are not being sought out and are, therefore, being ignored due to the nature of the very limitations which come about when they are placed upon the current plane of the template of the Human Imagination as it now “defines” itself (collectively) which could have (otherwise)–if enabled and been, previously, acted upon, geometrically: formulated a New Way to deal with such matters as these without using force to deal with these issues which, by use of such force, often result (for whatever reason) in…murder.
b. the thread of Purpose (of what is being worked through such regions as these) must find a more subtle way to be woven into the Cloth of Other Potential Possibilities which will yet not upset the balance of powers that seem to form a nexus in the region with all of its ongoing varying ramifications.

2. What will change the Focus Of Thoughts?
Why do certain Causes in the Integration of these Issues often produce these specific Effects?
It is not just a matter of opposing Will and Representation or even entirely a Matter of differing Opinions as to Political Policies…
for others–throughout the World–survive opposition in Politics and Policymaking.

What is it, then, that is not being heard?
And if what is heard causes someone to be murdered? Why?

Answers from the Surface will be relatively
easy enough to find…but what is beneath?
And why would Necessary Answers need to remain “beneath”, diagrammatically, what should never have happened on the Surface Of Affairs(i.e. murder)–yet no foresight prevented–in the first place?

Look at any Atlas and you will see many places where people live…

Out of all of the Billions of People on the Planet…which one of us ever asked to be located physically in just the Area of Earth in which s/he finds her/himself?

Not a single one of us, I imagine.

Yet we are to live where we are…until we are no longer living where we were.

By what Process do we change our Locations in Life?



Have we suddenly become Immortals on Earth
that we need to be…”Murdered??”

Think about it…

when Life grows Silent around you
and Family and/or Friends fade away.

Agree with yourself to Awaken at the next Sunrise…

This is what the Living–
so long as Living
can be called Alive–
must do.


Another death at the hands of out of control “war lords,” the concept which has a long history in these regions. Michael Wood, quintessential historian did a PBS special in these regions. “These men…, all they need is a drink in their belly and a weapon in their hands, and the bullets will fly.” The Russian gov’t can’t do much about this, as the US government could do nothing to control the Ku Klux Clan, for many decades during which “rights” workers were often hung with blacks who smiled at white women.

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