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July 14, 2009
Israeli phone commercial ignites controversy

A television advertisement for Israel’s largest cell phone provider Cellcom has sparked heated criticism among Palestinians and liberal Israelis.

Critics claim that the commercial, which takes place near the partition wall that separates Israel from the West Bank, makes light of the structure that many Palestinians see as a construct of racism and oppression.

Cellcom has as of yet not removed the commercial from the airwaves and claims that its core value of communication among people is all that is exemplified by the ad.

Watch the full advertisement below, from YouTube user VHK99:

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the jews arent terrorizing anyone the TERRORists (note the connection between causing terror and being a terrorist)like hamas hezbollah and you are


[…] rubber bullets, some young demonstrators came armed with soccer balls — in response to the Cellcom advertisement from the previous […]


All this corrupt politicians and crooks rabbis should be put on trail and get life sentence if convicted.


Boris, if the Palestinians are under the full rule of Hamas, Israel is under the full rule of settlers and the Rabies. You saw what happened in Jerusalem with the Hariedim. They run the country not your so-called democracy. A women abuses her child and your entire government can not do a thing about her. In the USA she will be jailed regardless, but in your (Theocracy) she and her group win over you. The Haredim burn the parks, the streets, sent death threats to the mayor of Jerusalem, and they got the abuser back. Most history books are talking about Israel as the aggressor in all its wars (William Cleveland, Charles Smith) say very clearly that your narrative is wrong and I believe them over a brain washed Russia Immigrant to the Middle East. I do believe that you do not understand the dynamics of the region at all. I strongly believe that you been taught a wrong history. You fail miserably to connect the similarities between the history of the Jewish people and the history of the Palestinians. You were victims in Europe and now you are victimizing someone else.


To Jack: A few mounts ago Suzan Walsh wrote to me that Wikipedia is not official web site and all info is not truth, here is for you from other source: “The first Arab sponsored terrorist attack upon Jews occurred in 1920, long before the establishment of Israel and long before there were any so-called Palestinians. In 1929 Arab mobs massacred over 100 Jews, 67 of them in 1929 Hebron massacre alone, an ancient community where Jews lived among Arabs peacefully for centuries. Many of the corpses were mutilated by Arabs.
If you call that type of killing “collateral damage”: “After spraying the station wagon with bullets, the Palestinian terrorists walked up to the 4 terrified little girls and shot each one of them twice in the head,. The 8-month-old pregetnant mother was shot in her belly at point blank range as she tried to cover her children”. I’ll wait for you to confirm and then I’ll give you my opinion


To Susan Walsh: Do not try to scare me with new Holocaust. Arabs try at least 3 times in 1948, 1967 and 1972 start new Holocaust against Israeli, but their armies failed to achieve, what their sheikhs and dictators want. After that defeat, Y. Arafat adopted blueprint, presented to him by soviet KGB: they started call themselves Palestinians who fighting for freedom against “brutal Israeli occupation”. Arafat signed Oslo treaty and in a few months begins new war: war of terror against Israeli civilians, but you calls that “self defense”. Israel has full right for self defense too, but you call that “killing of innocent” terrorists. Again, Palestinians are under full rule of Hamas and they are free. How they were able “in self defence” to manufacture and fire daily about 2-5 rockets in Israel. And why so call “Human right groups” did not try to prevent Hamas for doing that. I am sure they and Hamas bosses in Iran were waiting for civilian casualty and then start new anti-Israeli propaganda campaign.


Boris D. sure has a nice list of Israelis killed by Palestinians. By the way, Boris, you should subtract from those numbers any in which there were members of the IDF – either in or out of uniform – involved. After all, if Israeli civilians are intermingled mingle with Israeli military people when bad things happen, they can be considered as “collateral damage.” In fact, one might even claim that the members of the IDF are “hiding behind civilians” at times.

And Susan Walsh, the killings of Palestinians by Zionist Jews didn’t bging just in 1948. I am too lazy to type out long lists like those of Boris D., so I will merely refer interested parties to this:


Boris, it is very clear that you work for the Israeli Foreign Ministry and it is clearer that you were hired based on affirmative action. Your skills are not of those people who know to represent their country, you just spread lies the way your bosses started in 1948 and thereafter. Your people have committed massacres against the poor Palestinians more than I can cite her. Beginning with Dier Yassin 1948, Al Aksa Mosque 1990,1,2000, Hebron Mosque 1994, and ending with Gaza (more than 1500 people killed, in Gaza alone) the total number of Jews who died since the Intifada of 2000 is less than 1100 most of them are armed soldiers or settlers. Whereas the majority of the dead Palestinians have been women, children, and senior citizens per reports from Israeli Human Rights organizations al. Beit Tselem and Peace Now and more. All your citations are propaganda that we are accustomed to in the West. Whereas the Palestinians have the right to resist you do not have the right to occupy them. Your sick notion of the idea that this is a Jewish land must stop, because it will lead to another Holocaust , and people like you will be its soldiers. It is time to for you to go and let the Palestinians live free


To Susan Walsh: 2003-2005 major terror attacksby Palestinian:July 12, 2005 Netanya 5 killed, 70+ wounded Islamic Jihad Suicide bombing outside shopping mall.
February 25, 2005 Tel Aviv 5 killed, 50 wounded Islamic Jihad Bombing outside night club.
October 7, 2004 Taba 12 killed, 120+ wounded Bombing at Sinai holiday resorts.
August 31, 2004 Beersheba 16 killed, 100 wounded Hamas Two suicide bombings on buses.
March 14, 2004 Ashdod 10 killed, 16 wounded Hamas and Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades Twin suicide bombings at port
February 22, 2004 Jerusalem 8 killed, over 60 wounded Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades Suicide bombing on bus
January 29, 2004 Jerusalem 10 killed, 50 wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide bombing on bus
October 4, 2003 Haifa 19 killed, 60 wounded Islamic Jihad Suicide bombing in restaurant owned by Jews and Arabs
September 9, 2003 Tel Aviv 8 killed, 32 wounded Hamas Suicide bombing at a hitchhiking post for soldiers
September 9, 2003 Jerusalem 7 killed, 50 wounded Hamas Suicide bombing at Cafe Hillel
August 19, 2003 Jerusalem 22 killed, 135 wounded Hamas Suicide bombing on a bus
January 5, 2003 Tel Aviv 23 killed, 108 injured Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Two suicide bombers in an immigrant neighborhood


To Susan Walsh: 2002 year major terror attackk: June 19, 2002 Jerusalem 7 killed, 50 injured Suicide bombing at a bus stop
June 18, 2002 Jerusalem 19 killed, 74 were injured Hamas Suicide bombing on a bus
June 5, 2002 Megiddo 17 killed, 38 injured Islamic Jihad Car bomb next to bus
May 27, 2002 Petah Tikvah 2 killed, 37 injured Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide bomb in shopping mall
May 22, 2002 Rishon Lezion 2 killed, 40 wounded Suicide bomb on pedestrian mall
May 19, 2002 Netanya 3 killed, 59 injured Hamas and the PFLP Suicide bomb in market
May 7, 2002 Rishon Lezion 16 killed, 55 injured Hamas Suicide bomb in pool hall
Apr 12, 2002 Jerusalem 6 killed, 104 injured Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide bomb in Mahane Yehuda market
Apr 10, 2002 Kibbutz Yagur 8 killed, 22 injured Hamas Suicide bombing on bus
March 31, 2002 Haifa 14 Killed, 40 Wounded Hamas Suicide bombing at restaurant
March 29, 2002 Jerusalem 2 killed, 28 Wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide bombing at supermarket in Kiryat Yovel
March 27, 2002 Netanya 22 killed, 140 Wounded Hamas Suicide bombing at Passover seder at Park Hotel
March 21, 2002 Jerusalem 3 killed, 86 Wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide bombing downtown
March 20, 2002 Afula 7 killed, 30 wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide bombing on bus
March 14, 2002 Karni-Netzarim road 3 Killed, 2 Wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Remote Control Mine
March 12, 2002 near Kibbutz Matzuva 6 Killed, 7 Wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Gunmen Ambush Vehicles
March 12, 2002 Kiryat Sefer checkpoint 1 Killed, 1 Wounded Shooting Attack
March 11, 2002 Ashdod 1 Wounded Gunman Opens Fire at Bar Mitzvah
March 10, 2002 Netzarim 1 Killed Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Shooting Attack
March 9, 2002 Jerusalem 11 Killed, 54 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber at Cafe
March 9, 2002 Netanya 2 Killed, 50 Wounded Fatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade 2 Gunmen Open Fire on a Promenade
March 7, 2002 Atzmona 5 Killed, 23 Wounded Terrorist Opens Fire and Throws Grenades
March 7, 2002 Ariel >6 Wounded Suicide Bomber in Hotel Lobby
March 5, 2002 Sderot 1 Baby Wounded Kassam Rocket
March 5, 2002 Afula 1 Killed, 10 Wounded Suicide Bomber on Bus
March 5, 2002 Tel Aviv 3 Killed, >35 Wounded Gunman Opens Fire at Restaurants
March 5, 2002 outside Bethlehem 1 Killed, 1 Wounded Gunman Ambushes Vehicle
March 2, 2002 Jerusalem 10 Killed, >50 Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Suicide Bomber outside Synagogue
February 27, 2002 West Bank 3 Wounded Fatah Female Suicide Bomber
February 25, 2002 Jerusalem 1 Killed, 8 Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Gunman Opens Fire at a Bus Stop
February 25, 2002 Gush Etzion 1 Killed, 1 Pregnant Woman Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Gunmen Open Fire on a Car
February 22, 2002 Efrat 1 Wounded Suicide Bomber in Supermarket
February 22, 2002 North of Jerusalem 1 Killed Fatah Drive-by Shooting
February 19, 2002 En Arik 6 Killed, 1 Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Gunmen Open Fire at Soldiers
February 18, 2002 Gush Katif 3 Killed, 4 Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Gunfire and Bombs at Cars
February 18, 2002 near Jerusalem 1 Killed, 1 Injured Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Car Bomb
February 16, 2002 Karnei Shomron 2 Killed, 27 Wounded Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Suicide Bomber at Crowded Shopping Mall
February 14, 2002 Gaza 3 Killed, 4 Wounded Mine Placed Under Tank
February 10, 2002 Be’er Sheva 2 Killed, 4 Wounded Hamas Drive-by Shooting
February 8, 2002 Jerusalem 1 Killed 4 Teenagers with Knives
February 6, 2002 Moshav Hamra 2 Killed, 5 Wounded Hamas Gunmen Infiltrates Moshav
January 30, 2002 Taiba 2 Wounded Fatah Suicide Bomber
January 27, 2002 Jerusalem 1 Killed, >150 Wounded Fatah Female Suicide Bomber
January 25, 2002 Tel Aviv 24 Wounded Islamic Jihad Suicide Bomber at Crowded Pedestrian Shopping Mall
January 22, 2002 Jerusalem 2 Killed, 40 Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Guman Opens Fire on Crowd
January 17, 2002 Hadera 6 Killed, 35 Wounded Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade Gunman Opens Fire at Bat Mitzvah Celebration
January 15, 2002 Beit Jala 1 Killed Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade American Kidnapped and Murdered
January 9, 2002 Kerem Shalom 4 Killed, 2 Wounded Hamas Gunfire and Expolsives
December 12, 2001 Emmanuel 10 Killed, 30 Wounded Fatah & Hamas Bomb and Gunfire Attack on Bus
December 9, 2001 Haifa 31 Wounded Suicide Bomber


To Susan Walsh: 2000-2001 years major attacks: December 12, 2001 Emmanuel 10 Killed, 30 Wounded Fatah & Hamas Bomb and Gunfire Attack on Bus
December 9, 2001 Haifa 31 Wounded Suicide Bomber
December 2, 2001 Haifa 15 Killed, 46 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber on Bus
December 1, 2001 Jerusalem 10 Killed, >188 Wounded Hamas 2 Suicide Bombers and a Car Bomb in a Pedestrian Mall
November 29, 2001 near Hadera 3 Killed, 9 Wounded Islamic Jihad & Fatah Suicide Bomber on Bus
November, 27, 2001 Afula 2 Killed, Dozens Wounded Islamic Jihad & Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade 2 Gunmen Opened Fire on Crowd near the Central Bus Station
November, 27, 2001 Gush Katif 1 Killed, 3 Wounded Hamas Grenades and Gunfire
November 26, 2001 Erez Checkpoint 2 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber
November 24, 2001 Kfar Darom 1 Killed Hamas Morter Shell Landed on a Soccer Field
November 4, 2001 Jerusalem 2 Killed, >50 Wounded Islamic Jihad Gunman
October 28, 2001 Hadera 4 Killed, 40 Wounded Gunman
October 28, 2001 near Kibbutz Metzer 1 Killed Tanzim Drive-By Shooting
October 17, 2001 Jerusalem Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi Assasinated Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Gunmen in Hotel
October 7, 2001 Beit She’an Valley 1 Killed Suicide Bomber
October 4, 2001 Afula 3 Killed, 16 Wounded Gunman Opens Fire on Crowd
October 1, 2001 Jerusalem Several Wounded Car Bomb
September 9, 2001 Nahariya 3 Killed, 90 Wounded Hamas 1st Israeli-Arab Suicide Bomber, at Train Station
September 9, 2001 West Bank 2 Killed, 4 Wounded Gunmen


To Susan Walsh: Susan , it’s you not me who have huge problem with your memory. In 1948 armies of 5 “peace loving” Arab countries attack Israel, then in 1967 and 1972, but because every time Israel defend itself and won, you call this: “Israeli has been killing Palestinians”. The number of 10.000Palestinins killed is fake and you have no prove. I’ll publish the list of major terrorists attack by “innocent Palestinians” on Israeli since 1994 it’s much more then “one or two incidents”. Please, don’t give me your option. The Holy Land belonging to Jewish people and Palestinian are under Hamas rule and free.
December 22, 2000 Jordan Valley >3 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber
November 22, 2000 Hadera 2 Killed, 55 Wounded Islamic Jihad Car Bomb next to Bus
November 20, 2000 Kfar Darom 2 Killed, 9 Wounded School Bus Bombed
November 2, 2000 Jerusalem 2 Killed, 10 Wounded Islamic Jihad Car Bomb in outdoor Market
October 26, 2000 Gaza 1 Wounded Islamic Jihad Youth Suicide Bomber on Bike
November 7, 1999 Netanya 27 Wounded Hamas 3 Pipe Bombs
August 10, 1999 Nahshon Junction 6 Wounded Hamas Car Plows into Crowd (Twice)
November 6, 1998 Jerusalem 2 Killed, 20 Wounded Islamic Jihad 2 Suicide Bombers
October 29, 1998 Gush Katif 1 Killed, 8 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber Attacks School Bus
October 19, 1998 Be’er Sheva 59 Wounded Hamas Grenades Thrown at Central Bus Station
October 11, 1998 Hevron 18 Wounded Hamas 2 Grenades Injure Palestinians and Israelis
August 27, 1998 Tel-Aviv 14 Wounded Hamas Bomb In Dumpster
August 20, 1998 Tel Rumeiyda Rabbi Killed Hamas Fire Bomb & Stabbing
September 4, 1997 Jerusalem 4 Killed, 181 Wounded Hamas 3 Suicide Bombers at Pedestrian Mall
July 30, 1997 Jerusalem 15 Killed, 178 Wounded Hamas 2 Suicide Bombers at Outdoor Market
March 21, 1997 Tel-Aviv 3 Killed, 48 Wounded Hamas Bomb at Restaurant
March 4, 1996 Tel Aviv 20 Killed, 75 Wounded Islamic Jihad Suicide Bomber at Mall
March 3, 1996 Jerusalem 19 Killed, 6 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber on Bus
February 25, 1996 Ashkelon 2 Killed Hamas Suicide Bomber at Bus Stop
February 25, 1996 Jerusalem 26 Killed, 80 Wounded Hamas 2 Suicide Bombers on Bus
July 24, 1995 Ramat Gan 6 Killed, 31 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber on Bus
June 25, 1995 Neve Dekalim 3 Wounded Islamic Jihad Explosives-ladden Cart
April 9, 1995 Gaza 8 Killed, 50 Wounded Hamas & Islamic Jihad 2 Suicide Bombers
January 22, 1995 Beit Lid Junction 21 Killed, 69 Wounded Islamic Jihad 2 Suicide Bombers at Bus Stop
December 25, 1994 Jerusalem 13 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber at Bus Stop
November 11, 1994 Netzarim Junction 3 Killed, 6 Wounded Islamic Jihad Suicide Bomber on Bike
October 19, 1994 Tel Aviv 22 Killed, 56 Wounded Hamas Suicide Bomber on Bus
October 9, 1994 Jerusalem 2 Killed, 14 Wounded Hamas 2 Gunmen Open Fire
April 13, 1994 Hadera 5 Killed Hamas Suicide Bomber
April 6, 1994 Afula 8 Killed Hamas Car Bomb next to Bus
HamasIslamic Jihad


You’ve seen the Zionist myth in the form of the Cellcom commercial, now see the reality here:


Boris, you have a huge problem with your selective memory. You cited tow or three accidents of Palestinian killing Israelis. My question how many accidents can the Palestinians cite of Israeli killing them. Any reader to Israeli newspapers can for sure say that Israel has been killing Palestinians since 1948. Since 2000, Israel killed more than 10,000 Palestinians. You are counting one or two incidents without telling me the source. All NGOs Israeli and Western are talking about Palestinian suffering, but Boris, you seem to enjoy and always refer us to your little stories. You have one option to leave the Occupied land and let the Palestinians free


To Susan Walsh: What about “killing spree conducting” by Palestinian parents against Jewish children.
Stop portraying Palestinian terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Hezbollah, PLO, as innocent victims. Here is just few examples “what Palestinian parents doing to Jewish children and Israel react of course”: After spraying the station wagon with bullets, the Palestinian terrorists walked up to the 4 terrified little girls and shot each one of them twice in the head, police said. The 8-month-old preggetnant mother was shot in her belly at point blank range as she tried to cover her children.
March 06, 2008, Jerusalem:
Two Palestinian terrorists infiltrated Jerusalem’s Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva and murdered eight Jews children. At least six children have been wounded; three are in critical condition.
Jul 5, 2006, The Qassam rocket yesterday hit Ashkelon’s Ronson High School.
Jan.05, 2009, Grad rocket strikes Ashdod kindergarden.
Feb 28, 2009 … A rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip hit a school in Israel


Sharon: What did your family teach you about Hitler and the Germans. The Palestinians have the right to teach their childern the same until you free them from the killing spree that you are conducting against them. The situation is as simple as that. Palestinians parents and schools can not and should not lie to their children, the children see what you are doing to them and they react in do course


[…] A television advertisement for Israel’s largest cell phone provider Cellcom has sparked heated criticism. Watch the ad, see the show and join the debate. […]


and what about the Anti-Jewish/Israeli Propaganda in the PA TV or Hamas TV
They educate the children to kill Jews and Israeli before the children even know to read


I am not with Hamas or Fatah. I was born and raised in California and the only information I have about the Palestinians is from the website found at why would the encyclopedia lie? Do they work for the PLO


Shay: If so, why is Israel negotiating with them and the world is talking about their state. less than 80 years ago in Germany and Russia many said there no Jewish question. Ironic enough, a jew now is denying the existance of another people!!!!!!


There is no such thing as a Palastinian, so it would be impossible to have killed any of them at any time.

The UN has already partitioned Israel, and given the ARABS who live there a homeland, called TransJordan. (aka Jordan) with a king, and a government. that is the official HOMELAND of the Arab, Muslim and Islamists who live in the area. Check out your real history, not the revisionist propaganda spewn by Hamas and Fatah.

The commercial is lovely. there is a spirit of playfulness, peace and harmony. too bad it will be denounced by all those who deplore peace.


I’m sorry there is a Correction to the spelling for The Deir Yassin massacre that it was not yet the IDF yet because it took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 fighters from the Irgun and Lehi Zionist paramilitary groups attacked Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, a Palestinian-Arab village of roughly 600 people. The invasion occurred as Jewish forces sought to relieve the blockade of Jerusalem during the civil war that preceded the end of British rule in Palestine.

Around 107 villagers, including women and children, were killed. Some were shot, while others died when hand grenades were thrown into their homes. Several were taken prisoner and may have been killed after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem, though accounts vary. Four of the attackers died, with around 35 injured. The killings were condemned by the leadership of the Haganah, the Jewish community’s main paramilitary force, and by the area’s two chief rabbis. The Jewish Agency for Israel sent King Abdullah of Jordan a letter of apology, which he rebuffed.

The massacre became a pivotal event in the Arab-Israeli conflict for its demographic and military consequences. The narrative was embellished and used by various parties to attack each other—by the Palestinians to besmirch Palestine’s Jewish community, and later Israel; by the Haganah to play down their own role in the affair; and later by the Israeli Left to accuse the Irgun and Lehi of violating the Jewish principle of tohar hanashek (purity of arms), thus blackening Israel’s name around the world. News of the killings sparked terror within the Palestinian community, encouraging them to flee from their towns and villages in the face of Jewish troop advances, and it strengthened the resolve of Arab governments to intervene, which they did five weeks later by invading Palestine, following Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14.


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text (#57):

“the Reasoning structures
composing the external
‘Human Geometries’
( = ‘Living Holograms’
considered in states of motion
by way of ‘Varying Juxtapositions’)
denoting the ‘Walls’
[ ‘Walls’ =
‘Optically Hieroglyphic Subconcious Assessments’
awaiting ‘Concious Translation’ (from Life’s Archives)
what can be processed:
(= ‘all walls–as boundaries–cross, by nature, between two, formerly unified, areas requiring any wall so used to retain its two sides’
so long as its stands)
out of {i.e. ‘away from’}
our (otherwise) every day minds…
into ‘other-dimensional awarenesses]
concerning our Daily Lives…


Life’s Ways
often seem like
an Endless Series of Boundaries
an Existential Maze
of Seemingly Obvious Walls.

We often think we can easily
Define the Philosophical Symmetries
we observe of our Lives
merely by easily noting
the apparent Simplicities
which we say we understand
while pondering Light-filled Paths
ever leading into the more
complex Passageways
which yet seem to lead us
into darker Corridors

to previously
Hidden Functions
arising from regions
of the Subconcious Intellect
but do
in the End
only lead us
into other
Unknown Rooms
which are just
as surrounded by
Mysteries of Thought
those Theological Walls
Conflicting Paradoxes
over Moral Symmetries
of Dilemmas
within the depths
of our Inquiring Minds
in the Reasoning structures
composing the external
Human Geometries
denoting the
Walls of our Daily Lives…


Cellcom may know something most Israelis choose to ignore; that there are many outreaches between Israel and Palestinian occupied Judea and Samaria. Who is afraid of contact? This one has to make one smile from their heart. This commercial is good stuff.


I wonder how Martin Savidge keeps
his Sanity intact after reading all this Opinionated Drivel otherwise known as…
“Human” Thought.

O For Some Sweet Sleep On The Vast Blissful Worldless Seas Of Meaningless Unconciousness!


In comment #49, Ralph stated: “n 1972 Israel sent a team of 22 athletes and coaches to the Munich Olympics to compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship.”

I am old enough to remember reading at the time that just about all the Israeli athletes on the wrestling team were either active-duty soldiers or reservists in the IDF.

But the Israeli propaganda mill has rubbed out all mention of that interesting fact in the years since. I have often wondered just where and when they had served – the invasion of the West Bank or Gaza in 1967 or in occupation duty there since then, perhaps?


I have spent a lot of years studying the Israeli/Palestinian issues. I am an atheist, so the religious gobbledegook coming from all sides cuts no ice with me.

The politicians, pundits, demagogues fanatics, etc. can slice their particular baloney as thick or as thin as they want, but the simple fact remains that, beginning in the late 19th century, some European Jewishfanatics who had embraced the specious ideology of Zionism went to Palestine with the stated aim of dispossessing the people living there and creating a Jewish state on the land. And the Palestinians have thus far refused to just quietly go away and let the Zionist Jews have everything they want without putting up a fight.

So much of the verbiage coming from the mouths and pens of defenders of Israel could. with the change of just a few words, have come from the mouths and pens of Europeans of the 16th through 19th centuries as they sought to justify their thefts and murders in the New World. It has only been in my own lifetime that the narrative of the American Indian has gotten much play and most people are less willing to demonize the Indians for their resistance to the European incursions into Indian lands. And I refuse to demonize the Palestinians for resisting the Zionist incursion into Palestinian lands.

Regarding the ad itself, I remember reading all too often in the online Israeli press about some poor unarmed Palestinian who wandered too close to the fence/wall, crossed some unmarked and undefined “dead line,” and was shot and killed for the horrible crime of appearing “suspicious” to some trigger-happy Israeli soldier. Remember the 13 year old Palestinian girl not long ago who was brutally murdered because she came too close to the fence? Or the Palestinian mother and child who were killed because they happened to be nearby when a passing Israeli tank broke a tread and the tank commander didn’t know what made the noise, so he just unloaded with his tank gun on the nearest figures he saw?

No, in my considered opinion, the making of this ad merely demonstrates once again the utter inability of far too many Israeli Jews to think of Palestinians as anything other than either invisible nonentities or murderous savages.


So we intellectuals enjoy our play of words and endless counting of parts.

Humanity is One. There is no truth above it. The wall is a concrete form of deluson and anti-compassion. The commercial is tasteless and uncaring.


New Prophecy? Says:

I was recently in the Middle-East. I find it appauling, that the only thing the Muslim population can agree upon is hatred of Israel. It is only a reason and method to direct violence towards a group of people, if tomorrow, hatred toward Israel would dissipate, I have no doubt in my mind that the Muslims in the area will fight and kill each other. (oh wait thats happening now on a moderate scale to). Although there are many who are moderate and seek peace, they are continually subjugated by the the extremist mullah’s and leaders of the community to hate, and if they dont hate and wish for the death of others, then they will face death themselves. I ask you, how is it possible to make peace with a group of people who really dont want peace, because a peace with Israel will only mean a beginning of war and destruction among the Arabs themselves. How could you not understand, that it is in the best interest of all the surrounding Muslim countries to provocate hatred towards the Jews and Israel, because its the only way they are able to maintain any sense of stability in there own countries… case in point:

Saudi Arabia- Conflict in Israel means 2 things, first any instability is a direct correlator towards oil prices, and second, the week Saudi government can only remain in power, if the economy is somewhat stable, they cant even protect themselves from themselves, let alone any other neighbors.

Iran- once again case in point, hatred of Israel is the cornerstone of Ahmadinijad’s poise for power. the populace is fed up with him and his lies, but they continually use the instability in the region to develop weaponry, cause instability, and distract there people from their internal strife.

And the list for Syria and Lebanon is very similar. If the surrounding Arab population is so worried about the Palestinians then why not have a three state solution, where the Gaza strip will be given back to Egypt and the West bank will go back to Jordan (the two neighboring countries who have formal peace with Israel.) Well its because neither want the land! the last time Palestinians went to Jordan, they tried to overthrow the leader and create chaos and havoc. None of the Arab neighbors, have any respect or care for the Palestinians (otherwise they would’ve accepted them a long time ago in there countries) they just use the Palestinians as pawns in a large regional game of chess.
For there sake, if the Palestinians want peace, they should stop teaching there kids hatred, and educate them in tolerance and accepting of others. They should not think of ways to kill the Israelis but ways to build there own futures. Not use there tunnels to transport rockets, but use those tunnels to transport there message of love. the religion of islam, teaches of tolerance and acceptance, but your Mullah’s have corrupted it into being a religion of hate. To the true muslims, i urge you to reclaim your religion and begin building a foundation of peace and love, not hate and intolerance.


Not having anything to do with the video at all but although a few years had passed I’m sure the 72 Olympics Black September incident was in response to the Qibya massacre of 1953, hasnt it always been a tit for tat game

The Qibya Massacre occurred in October 1953 when Israeli troops under Ariel Sharon attacked a Jordanian West Bank village. 69 Palestinians were killed, many while hiding in houses blown up over their heads. Forty-five houses, a school, and a mosque were destroyed.

The act was condemned by the US State Department, the UN Security Council, and by Jewish communities worldwide.

The operation was codenamed Operation Shoshana by the Israel Defense Force (IDF). It was carried out by two Israeli units at night: a paratroop company and Unit 101, a special forces unit of the IDF.

And dont forget about Dier Yessen Massacre that took place on took place on April 9, 1948


It has been suggested that the wall be removed, at least in part; and maybe a real soccer game, or such, between Israelis and West Bank Palestinians might break the ice and let them see each other as just people, and help bring peace to that area. The Olympics were origonally designed for such a noble purpose. Wars were stopped while the games were on. Yes, perhaps there is real hope where good people can meet in peace.

And speaking of the Olympics, we don’t have to speculate or hope. We can just look at the history of the Olympics.

In 1972 Israel sent a team of 22 athletes and coaches to the Munich Olympics to compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Thae Palestinians sent a team of murderers to kill the Israeli athletes.

Oh well, so much for that idea.


Okay, folks, lighten up. It’s just a commercial. Our deep sentiments pro or con wont solve the Palestinian-Israeli situation. Those of us sounding off against Israelis should take a trip to Israel and see for ourselves the daily dangers they face and the measures they must take just to survive each day. Those bashing the Palestinians should try spending a month in Gaza. I am sure we would allbe singing a different song. Let’s tone down the rhetoric and give peace a chance.


this ad is sickening. Paul’s comment about the Nazis and the Warsaw ghetto is right on the mark. the only difference is that it seems the imprisonment of the Palestinian people has the blessing of world leaders.


And so…

Strain we at gnats? Yes…
What kind of sieve is being used?
Camel-sized? or Gnat-sized?


This is the true face of the Israeli Occupation Forces. Any attempt to present ISrael otherwise harms the peace prcess. All moral people must speak the truth about the occupation and its killing of civilians rather than hide our heads in the sand and keep living the fiction that some would like us to live Worldfocus inculded

Barak: Criticism of IDF should be directed at me

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service

Tags: israel news, palestinians

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday criticized an Israeli human rights organization for publishing an Israel Defense Forces soldier’s testimony that troops used Palestinians as human shields during Operation Cast Lead last January, despite a 2005 High Court ruling outlawing the practice.

“Public criticism of the IDF is inappropriate,” Barak said. “Any criticism, information or reservations about the army’s conduct should be addressed to me as the Defense Minister of the State of Israel and to the Israeli government which instructed the IDF to reinstate peace and security in southern Israel.”

The testimony of the Golani brigade soldier appears this week a collection of accounts published by Breaking the Silence, an organization that collects IDF soldiers’ testimony on human rights abuses by the military. The Golani soldier gave similar testimony in a meeting with a Haaretz reporter.

The soldier says his unit employed a variation of the practice, the so-called “neighbor procedure,” when it checked homes for Palestinian militants.
He says he did not see Palestinians being used as human shields but was told by his commanders that this occurred.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office, for its part, says that “the IDF regrets the fact that a human rights organization would again present to the country and the world a report containing anonymous, generalized testimony without checking the details or their reliability, and without giving the IDF, as a matter of minimal fairness, the opportunity to check the matters and respond to them before publication.”

The soldier’s allegations relate to IDF conduct during fighting in the eastern part of Gaza City. The soldier, a staff sergeant, says that in his unit and others, Palestinians were often sent into houses to determine if there was anyone inside.

“The practice was not to call it ‘the neighbor procedure.’ Instead it was called ‘Johnny,'” the soldier said, using IDF slang for Palestinian civilians. The IDF employed this practice extensively during the second intifada, before it was outlawed by the High Court of Justice in 2005.

At every home, the soldier said, if there were armed occupants, the house was besieged, with the goal of getting the militants out of the building alive. The soldier said he was present at several such operations.

In an incident his commanders told him about, three armed militants were in a house. Attack helicopters were brought in. “They … again sent the [Palestinian] neighbor in. At first he said that nothing had happened [to the armed men],” the soldier said.

“Again they brought in attack helicopters and fired. They again sent in the neighbor. He said there were two dead and one still alive. They then brought in a bulldozer and began to knock the house down on him until [the neighbor] entered.” The soldier said he had been told that the only militant remaining alive was captured and turned over to the Shin Bet security service.

The Golani soldier also testified that his commanders reported incidents in which Palestinians were given sledgehammers to break through walls to let the army enter through the side of houses. The army feared that the doors were booby-trapped.

The soldier added, however, that although the unit commander justified the use of the so-called Johnny procedure, the commander said he was not aware that sledgehammers had been given to civilians or that weapons were pointed at civilians. The commander said the allegations would be looked into.

The soldier said he had heard of other instances in which Palestinian civilians were used as human shields. One time, for example, a Palestinian was put at the front of an IDF force with a gun pointed at him from behind. But the soldier said he had not seen this himself.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said in a statement that on initial consideration, a few of the allegations appear to be similar to allegations published several months ago after a lecture by officers to cadets at a pre-military academy.

“Now, too,” the spokesman said, “a considerable portion of the testimony is based on rumors and secondhand accounts. Most of the incidents relate to anonymous testimony lacking in identifying details, and accordingly it is not possible to check the allegations on an individual basis in a way that would enable an investigation, confirmation or refutation.”

The spokesman said the Breaking the Silence report suggests that the organization might not be interested in a reliable comprehensive examination of the allegations, “and to our regret this is not the first time the organization has taken this course of action. The IDF is obligated to examine every well-founded complaint it receives.”

The spokesman also noted that allegations by Breaking the Silence containing specifics would be investigated.

“The IDF expects that every soldier and commander who suspects there was a witness to a violation of orders or procedures, and especially with respect to violations causing injury to noncombatants, will bring all of the details to the attention of authorized parties,” the spokesman said.


“You are harming all of human society by your anti-social conduct.”

Human Society is quite able to harm itself REGARDLESS of how “social” and/or “anti-social”
it “appears” to be at any given nano-second in Time.

Seeing how Human Nature is…as opposed to how many would like to, liberally, pretend (by pretense) that it shall better ever come to be– finally!–than it has ever been, formerly, in any period, throughout any of the multitiude of centuries past…it matters not what we say, here, as our bubbles of “fine Literary Thoughts” and our “polished Public Relations Statements” shall, surely, only be added to an Infinite Karmic Ocean of Suffering which on “rare” occasions has a calm look which resembles something equating, in appearance only, to Peace Upon Serene Seas–a Sublime Idea–no doubt!!– which is only made bearable by the continuations of our Endless Ignorances masquerading as waves of Worldly Wisdom. What of our Boats which need to reach the Other Shore?
(…Assuming…there is, indeed, an Other Shore!)

Strain we at a gnat while still swallowing a camel? Yes! there is Hope for Humanity…if your taste is for camels!!

Yet, we do this so well!!!


I rather liked it. It remined me of the World War I Christmas truce, where soldiers embedded in their trenches began singing carols- and they realized that on both sides of the line, they were still human beings. So the Germans and the Engish sang carols and exchanged treats, and a little bit of humanity was brought into an ugly situation. i think its a hopeful commercial, though still a commercial


Thank you Niila.


Come on guys, how long do you have to play the “I am better than you” game until you realize it is making you a meserable victim of mental and spiritual degeneration? Tear down the physical wall, the mental wall and the spiritual wall. You are harming all of human society by your anti-social conduct.




For “Maxx”: Re “The immediate implication is the socker ball is a large stone thrown at the Israeli soldiers to portray victimhood.” An excellent example of biased description. The correct, purely objective phrase is not “to portray victimhood” but “to simulate being attacked.” That’s a neutral description, favoring neither side.
“The inclusion of others [i.e., Palestinina soccer players] in the picture would diminish that identity.” More bias. By not portraying any Palestinian figure, the cell phone advertiser is avoiding the accusation of making a caricature. For regardless of what they had shown, they would have been attacked. All young men? Well then, they are suggesting that Palestinians are anti-woman. Mixed players? They clearly mean to insult Islamic sensibilities. Middle-aged men? Well then, they are no doubt suggesting that Palestinians spend there time playing rather than working. And so on and so on.
“[Israelis] just don’t care about anybody but themselves.” This statement, aside from its general factual falsehood, includes well over 1,000,000 Israelis of Arab ethnicity who, by the way, can freely worship at mosques, unlikes Jews (and Christians) in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, among other fonts of brotherly love and tolerance.
Well done, “Maxx.”
“The world should ignore this insular and curious little country and leave to suffocate in its own self constructed isolation. In other words, no one should care about this silly little commercial nor this silly little country.”
“Suffocate” was suggested in Mein Kampf in connection with the use of gas.
“Maxx,” you’ve outdone yourself!


The immediate implication is the socker ball is a large stone thrown at the Israeli soldiers to portray victimhood. The raison d’etre of Israelis is the portrayal of themselves as victims. That is their identity. The inclusion of others in the picture would diminish that identity. This persona allows Israelis to maintain great insensitivity to the world outside themselves. They just don’t care about anybody but themselves. They expect and demand and oft times receive sensitivity, respect and regard which is a shame. The wall has a two fold purpose. It insulates and isolates the Israelis as it keeps the world at bay. The world should ignore this insular and curious little country and leave to suffocate in its own self constructed isolation. In other words, no one should care about this silly little commercial nor this silly little country.


Cataldo is correct on all counts.

And since someone saw fit to quote David Ben-Gurion from a Wikipedia source, I’d like to add a quote attributed to Golda Meir: ““We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

So much hoo-ha over an Israeli commercial. As Cataldo pointed out, let’s see some of the real venom come out – the propaganda from the other side of the wall. And why the wall was built in the first place. It’s a defensive – not offensive – move, and there is a decades-old (if not centuries- and millenia-old) reason for it.

Israelis don’t launch missiles at Palestinians from their own hospitals and schools as Hamas does. Israelis don’t strap explosives to their children or youth and send them into pizzerias, shopping malls and public buses as Palestinians have.

It’s time to get over the non-offense of a commercial and move on to the real offenses of threats against an Israeli population that lives daily under the threat of violence. The wall is but one measure built to protect them. If there were no need, the wall wouldn’t be there.


It is clear that the ad suggested a bridge between opponents. It is also clear that no malice was intended.

Anyone can take any written material or video and put it under a microscope and in the process see something offensive in it.

The major trope of Palestinian complaints is making themselves victims of every Israeli act.





I think they should shoot another commercial exactly the same but with only Palestinians. Make it look like the other half of the commercial.

Could even take it a step further and pass the ball to every country or at least every country the cell phone co does business with.

Of course we would all like to see them playing together on the same field. If you don’t dream, your dreams can’t come true.

Speaking of dreams, here is my dream for creating a Sustainable Utopia…


Please join me in my pledge, “I Pledge To Be The Change”, on

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful


Let’s be real guys…Peace is never one sided, but it normally includes or all parties involved. As far as the video is concerned, I do not think that portraits the possible future peace for the region because the wall is still there. Before talking about peace, we should look for the obstacles that make this peace hard to achieve. A one side effort is never gonna work. Both sides should be willing to compromise and make sacrifices to reach peace. It’s hard but never impossible. Cross fingers and let’s hope for the best. Everyone has the right to live. Thanks


The marketing of this ad is sound.

But by watching, I understand that there is another lively unaffected group of young people on the other side of the wall, allowing themselves to have something in common to those shown, if only the generations would allow themselves to have something in common!
Harmonize – Your past is just that, your future is your children. Kick the ball back, not your pride-


Honestly, who cares. This are two big brothers that haven’t been able to communicate since the bible was written. The Wall.. the same wall that cause pain both side. Amazingly countries like German were able to demolished theirs and move in, and probably Korea will do it before them. The world doesn’t rotates around them. Lot of people are dying on Africa, and in many others countries. Many American are losing their lives, and also struggling with the economical situation right here, right now.. honestly who cares if they finally bomb each other.




This is not an original thought, there was a real video about Palestinians separated by the wall who decided to play music from their rooftops and they succeeded in creating a wonderful symphony regardless of this ugly & menacing wall that cut their line of communication and separated family members from each other. As for this stupid Israeli commercial, it display the callousness of the Israeli soldiers and lack of decency. This ugly wall was bult to segregate it will never be a symbol of indifference. Utterly stupid ! What’s new?


To remark on the Wall ad commercial, As Bad as the Wall is, for me as a Palestinian American the ad was a move in the right direction, it shows the HUMAN side of Israelis which many new Generation Young Palestinians don’t See!, unlike some of Us who grew up in the area during a relatively peaceful times, way before the Wall, it wasn’t Hard for Us to love our Jewish Bosses and Jewish co-workers and Friends We got to know while working in Israel or while living in it, cause We got to know their Truly Peaceful character, something that is missing today due to this Wall of separation for this new Generation of Palestinians, some also argue the negative side effects for the other side of new Generation of Young Israeli Jews, and the continued isolation of both sides is sure to create more Hate and Wars until both sides are destroyed, unless of course We start doing something about it, one baby step at the time, I hope to See more ads like it that show the best of both sides, to Me there can be a lasting Peace were there is No Wall!!.


The propaganda on both sides is nauseating. If they want to show real good will between the two sides why not pick the barbed wire part of the wall, so they could at least see one another? I have a suggestion, Why not hire Palestinians to edit Israel’s commercials-it might be more REAL and goodness, it would give a few needed jobs to Palestinians.


I think that the commercial didn’t intend to offend anybody. Unfortunately, intentions are trumped by public perception. Our media tends to lean in favor of Israel with regards to this conflict. Instead, I look at inequity in terms of basic services (i.e. water, electricity, etc) and military strength and with respects to both, the Palestinians clearly are at a huge disadvantage. So when Israelis see this commercial they see no inequity. They might even feel the commercial is very politically correct, even a beacon of peace. That was my knee jerk reaction before I remembered the history between the two feuding neighbors. Feeling marginalized, the Palestinians must see this commercial and ask, “what about us”? “Why are the Palestinians faceless?” On one hand, the creators of that commercial should know to equally present Israelis and Palestinians down to the hair because this situation is so sensitive (and because both sides could provide business). On the other hand, I would not say this commercial was an intentional attack on the Palestinian people. At worst, I think it could be seen as very inconsiderate. If it was intentional, I think that the commercial is despicable act of hate.


Look at how many enemies geographically situated immediately around Israel and their numbers and one can see that Israel is still the David to her enemies’ Goliath.

It was your choice to migrate back

David Ben Gurion did say the only way the Arabs would welcome Jews to take over their land is with an Iron Fist and I quote from Wikipedia

Ben-Gurion recognized the strong attachment of Palestinian Arabs to the land but hoped that this would be overcome in time. In a conversation about “the Arab problem” in 1956, Goldman wrote that Ben-Gurion stated: “Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country … There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that? They may perhaps forget in one or two generations’ time, but for the moment there is no chance. So it is simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army”[1] Nahum Goldman, president of the World Jewish Congress criticized Ben-Gurion for what Goldman viewed as his confrontational approach to the Arab world: Goldman wrote that “Ben-Gurion is the man principally responsible for the anti-Arab policy, because it was he who moulded the thinking of generations of Israelis”[1].

The view that Ben-Gurion’s assessment of Arab feelings led him to emphasize the need to build up Jewish military strength is supported by Simha Flapan, who quoted Ben-Gurion as stating in 1938: “I believe in our power, in our power which will grow, and if it will grow agreement will come…”.[2]


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text (#24):

The use of the word “oppositionally” was
intuitively applied and was intended to mean
(in scope) most of what the following words

Main Entry: oppositional

Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: opposing

Synonyms: adversarial, adverse, against the grain, allergic, antagonistic, anti*, antipathetic, antithetical, antonymous, at
cross-purposes, at odds, averse, battling, clashing, combating, conflicting, confronting, contrary, controverting, counter, crossing, defending, defensive, denying, disagreeing, disputed, disputing, dissentient, enemy, exposing, facing, gainsaying, hostile, in opposition, incompatible, inimical, irreconcilable, objecting, obstructive, opposed, opposite, protesting, repelling, restrictive, rival, up against, warring


Adjustment(s) Of The Previous Text (#23):

“an Evolving Conept which engages all that, within us, is susceptible to, even, the Subconcious Aspects of Matter which is able to be ever meeting (mating?) with That- Which-Must- Be…(Until-That-Which-Once-Was-Is-Transcended…)

The words in parentheses denotes the Decisive Factor in the Transmutational Process involving both Physical and Ideological Matters.


There are always Temporal Reasons for building Walls…and the Passages of Centuries have always transcended those Reasons by, oppositionally: varying the Apparent Naturalness of the ostensibly temporary Necessities involved in the Passages of Seasons which do, themselves, continue to fall (in similar manner as Autumn leaves), like sandgrains of Days and Nights, down through our Life’s Collective Hourglass… throughout all our Soul’s infinitely changing Psychological Landscapes which are ever, by Nature, susceptible to Time’s peculiar Philosophical Quirks intricately woven with intellectual and spiritual matters of Politics,Religion and Academics which render Walls seemingly necessary, for a time, such as was the case with China’s Great Wall or, (in a different sense) as is the case, now, with: Korea’s Demilitarized Zone (so-called).

Thoughts have Walls which are but Mirrors by Nature reflecting back upon the Builders what is, by Nature: Subject Matter in Transmutational Flux.
Mirrors, though fixed in what they are, are not fixed in what they may reflect but what is reflected still is confined by each Mirror’s Physical Boundaries.

Decide well, then: within the Walls of your
lifelong Deliberations [which are Subconcious Mirrors of Inquiry bathed by crystal waves of Agelong (and Age Old) Mysteries now awaiting Renewals of purer fountain-flows of Subconcious waters which may stream through the subterranean labyrinths into the Light of a better Concious Understanding] which Definition of the word “Transmutational” works best…and/or could work…beyond the “Boundaries” which “seem” (temporally) to be “represented” by the parameters of limiting Materially-Necessitated Thoughts which, by sensation, do, indeed: necessarily! render Walls into a Negation (of the Invisible into the Visible) of various Regional Placements and Graphs and so seem to “define” a renewed Need for an Evolving Conept which engages all that, within us, is susceptible to, even, the Subconcious Aspects of Matter which is able to be ever meeting (mating?) with That- Which-Must- Be…(Until-That-Which-Once-Was-Is-Transcended…)


By Methods…


1. the act or process of transmuting.
2. the fact or state of being transmuted.
3. change into another nature, substance, form, or condition.
4. (Biology.) the transformation of one species into another. Compare transformism.
5. (Physics.) any process in which a nuclide is transformed into a different nuclide, usually one of a different element.
6. (Alchemy.) the supposed conversion of base metals into metals of greater value, esp. into gold or silver.


Shalom to my Jewish friends and Asalam Alakum to the muslim Palestinian friends and peace to my Christian Palestanians. When I saw that wall, I was reminde3d of the Berlin wall and I remembered Ronald Reagan’s only famous words, Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall. I would like to say Mr. Nethanyahu tear down that silly concrete wall and let there be peace and security for two nations living side by side. Give peace and harmony a chance.


Equating the Palestinians who live on their own declared land with their own government to the Jews held captive by the Nazis is both ignorant and offensive. They aren’t comparable. Neither are their unique histories similar.

Not only does WorldFocus need to reconsider its writing in making statements such as “some view (the wall) as the greatest source of suffering for the Palestinians” (which suggests in fact it is) but I would suggest others commenting here review the history of the creation of the state of Israel and its wars (about one every decade) and their provocateurs to see how Israel’s land was gained. If Israel’s enemies had left her in peace in 1948, there would be substantially less land for Israelis than there is now – and there would be no wall.

As for the wall cutting off people from their places of work, I would remind the commenter that many of the places of work for Palestinians have been and continue to be in Israel. That is hardly similar to Nazi Germany’s holocaust of the Jews. Israel is a far cry from the death camps of those days – although the Palestinian Authority and Hamas that continue to support Arafat’s cry of “pushing all Jews into the sea” might resemble a closer match to Hitler.

Look at how many enemies geographically situated immediately around Israel and their numbers and one can see that Israel is still the David to her enemies’ Goliath.


and i am going with keven


#13 we are not nothing like the Israeli or the Palestinian, we are more mature that, we dont need to be fence off like cattel


The best thing about this commercial is that it invites the Palestinian cell phone company to produce an ad video in response.
Since the Israeli ad didn’t show anything from the “other side,” we’ll leave it to the Palestinians to depict the faces of their soldiers and civilians while laughing, crying, living, and juggling their soccer ball…


I thing that the person that is reasponsible for this should be awared the peace, even beter why not just stop the, the most hated thing known to us humans is war no more funny business, after all the live of our children’s childern will thank s if the walls must came down and we all got together and melt down every medal use to harm anyone, and be made into some thing we can all enjoy….. like peace……


I thought white noise becomes communication when the sender and the recipient can decipher the meaning as it is intended. Also in a cross cultural setup you have to understand and appreciate the value system both sides just like a woman in bikini in western world considered glamorous and powerful projection of women. while its unthinkable in cultures that have survived over centuries.
Although this ad was very tastefully made but since it failed to portray the message anyways it should be taken down immediately.




The wall is illegal. To twist this fact into any theme does not change the illegality. Obviously Israel cannot do anything wrong and Palestinians are a backward lot who deserve everything they receive from Israel. Might is always right.


I was wondering how Americans or Mexicans would view this commercial if this was a wall separating USA/Mexico? I thought it showed a bit of hope.


Here we go again,Worldfocus seems intent on only showing anti-Israel stories or provoking anti-Israel comment & NEVER broadcasts a single critical story on the Palestinians,their history of suicide bombers who target schools, markets, hospitals & city buses or even the ineffective & corrupt history of the Palestinian Government.If you only watched Worldfocus you wouldn’t know about the corruption & inept Palestinian gov’t, terrorist actions or even the placement of rocket launchers in civilian locations in Gaza. How about a story about the missing millions in foriegn aid sent to the PA or the use of UN funds to publish anti-Semitic & hate-filled textbooks.How about a story about the persecution of gays by Hamas & the PA.How about a story of the Muslim people fearing death in Darfur by Arab Militias who risk their lives & walk across Arab states to reach freedom from death & torture in Israel.This story is a new low.This Israeli commercial is no different from most broadcast on USA TV.It’s a commercial not a government statement.What it shows is the Israelis as being human & treating Palestinians as other humans playing soccer with them under difficult circumstances.How wonderful if it was only soccer balls which were shot over the Palestinian borders into Israel, but the reality sadly is that it is Palestinian rockets aimed at civilian targets & towns in Israel proper.Further to compare the conditions on the West Bank to the Warsaw Ghetto as some posters have here is not only a gross distortion,but an obsenity which degrades the Holocaust & its victims.The Israelis are not sending the Palestinians to gas chambers or shooting them dead into killing pits.The free life Israeli Arabs live is the most obvious retort to this obscene claim.The wall, road blocks & the like are meant to deter suicide bombers from entering Israel,they are not meant to murder Palestinians.They never existed prior to existance of suicide bombers. They are the direct result of terrorist suicide murders which have killed & maimed thousands of Israeli civilians.The Nazis placement of Jews in ghettos was not the result of security concerns but the first step towards their publically stated purpose of the ultimate genocide of Europe’s Jews. It is obscene to compare the 2,but this is a tactic the Palestinians & their allies use daily.Perhaps Martin you should do a story on that & showing what a myth that claim is.It would be refreshing if your coverage was at least balanced.Perhaps having an Israeli gov’t official comment on the commercial in addition to a Palestinian gov’t official in this story might have been the first step towards balance in your reporting.Is balance too much to hope for on PBS broadcasting using public dollars & contributions & holding itself out as an unbiased source for news.


Israelis and Palestinians have known nothing but suffering for far too many years. They say “old men declare wars and young men die fighting them”. It was refreshing to see and know that the soccer ball being lobbed across the wall that divides them wasn’t filled with explosives.


I believe the wall will eventually come down. While some Palestinians are paying a high price, the rest of the Palestinian population in the West Bank are living in relative peace due to a break in the cycle of violence as a result of the wall.

The Israelis should open a portion of the wall in order to see if the calm will hold.


I couldn’t agree with Paul Musselman more–that is exactly what I thought of when I saw this ad. Would this commercial be so well received if it portrayed Nazis playing ball with some anonymous holocaust victims across a barbwire fence? That would offend me, and I’m sure I would not be the only one. So how is this any different?

Saying that Palestinians should be busy creating their own cell phone companies is like saying the Jews in the holocaust should have spent more time creating cell phone company jobs, rather than dealing with the imminent dangers around them. israel won’t allow Gazans to receive humanitarian aid, so how would Palestinians create cell phone companies?? And as far as this being “a piece of ‘maybe someday'”–do you envision a someday with a wall fencing in people like animals? That’s not the peaceful someday I would like to imagine.


Instead of complaining to TV stations, why doesn’t the Palestinian official pick up his cell phone and talk to Israel?


It is not a game when a wall separates you from members of your family, cuts through your farmland and causes you to walk far out of your way to get to acheckpoint in order to go to work, school or shop. No it is not a game for the Palestinians or for the Israelis.


It would be unrealistic in most cases for inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto to want to play with their occupiers. But why not recognize it simply as unrealistic instead of offensive? Even in your example, if Jews and Nazis were playing ball together would that not be a relatively positive sign of humanity in a sea of negativity? Some relief from abysmal conditions in the form of fun is better than none, no?


It’s a sad commentary on how religious fanatics on both sides filled with hatred have forced people, who might otherwise get along, to play a game over a wall instead of face to face. Zealots on both sides built that wall.


Perhaps if the soldiers were wearing Nazis uniforms and kicking that ball into a Warsaw ghetto you might not find it so “uplifting”.


I love the anonymity of the other side – the Palestinian official could have looked at it as “reaching out”. However, why are the women portrayed as cheerleaders. Uck!!


I don’t mean any disrespect to Palestine, it’s a horrible situation for them–for years. But this is a piece of ‘maybe someday’. Maybe they will see peace we can all live with. I thought it was kind of uplifting.


Since you saw fit to cite the wall as something that some view as the greatest source of suffering for the Palestinians, perhaps you should also state that the greatest source of suffering for the Israeli populace are terrorist attacks that precipitated building the wall in the first place. If you’re going to show a quote from a Palestinian official disgusted by the ad, perhaps you should give equal airtime to an Israeli official or company representative at least. It’s a commercial business, after all. Where are the Palestinian cell phone companies? If the Palestinian officials would spend less time criticizing Israeli commercials and spend more time creating jobs for their own people, maybe there’d be fewer problems among Palestinians oppressed by their own leaders.

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