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July 13, 2009
Malaysian immigration officials implicated in human trafficking

In Malaysia, some immigration officials have been accused of involvement in selling refugees from Myanmar, also known as Burma, to gangs in Thailand.

The attorney general’s office in Malaysia says 10 immigration officers are being investigated after the U.S. State Department placed Malaysia on its list of the world’s worst human trafficking offenders last month.

Elaine Pearson, deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the status of the Myanmar refugees in Malaysia and the problem of human trafficking in Asia.

For more: Burmese refugees rounded up and sold in Malaysia





i would like to file a complain about MR. ALAN ALLISON ONG who lived in labuan malaysia. He used to process girls to go to labuan to work in different bar there,he sell the girls to work in each bar in labuan. Many girls already complain about him,they said the bar that Mr. Alan Ong bring them is like hell. the management of the bar don’t give them there salary in the right time.they also not allowed to go out,they only have the xerox copy of there passport because there passport is in the hand of there boss. one of my friend is working in the bar where Mr. Alan Ong used to bring girls,she also complain the same thing. he also use and sell illegal drugs in labuan such as extacy and shabu.. These are some personal information about MR. ALAN ALLISON ONG;
810820-12-5007(his i.c number). i hope u give an fast action about it..


Why there is not news about human trafficking in the local news in Malaysia? I guess Malaysia’s government did’t want to air its dirty laundry! What a shameful act toward any human being. World Focus please ask Malaysia government answer to this problem of human trafficking? I would like to let the whole world to know the dirty laundry of Malaysia..


Great Story. I am ashame of Malaysian govornment could have done such kind of human trafficking of refugees from Burma because they are Buddhishm . Why can’t Malaysian gov. trafficking Indonisians?


It’s a fairly small amount of profit for the traffickers. It should only take a small amount of U.S. pressure to shut it down completely.

Elaine Pearson is gorgeous.


The Issues of the human trafficking is a lucarative business with license granted by the government. The Malaysian Human trdaing cartel called Persatuan Agensi Pekerja Asing ( Foreign maid agency assciation ) is very influential in the migrant workers policies while treating the domestic workers as another human commodity to be traded.

PAPA objects the freedom of movement of the maid by insisting the domestic workers held by the employers while refused one day off per week.

Their schme is to rephrase teh cluase to enable the domestic workers to alet the meployers to safe keep their passport while for teh one day off, they proposed the maid toi be paid over-time in lue of not taking day off, afterall maid are here to earn more monies; whiel NGOs are depriving the domestic workers to earn extra income by forcing the one day off policies!

PAPA is also instrumental in determining the content of teh Government to government MoU instrument that dictate the sending and Malaysia.

There is no single clause mention about 100% salary deduction on domestic income. It is in contrary to teh Malaysia Employment acts which allows only maximum of 50% salary deduction for the advance of the salary or loan from employers.

In many cases Domestic workers loan is not clear were sign under duressed by the agents!

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