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July 13, 2009
Israel eases checkpoints and opens major bridge

With discussion underway on how to revive the peace process, Israel has started to make movement easier in the West Bank by opening or easing checkpoints and roadblocks.

The latest move came last week, when Israel said a major bridge connecting the West Bank to Jordan would now be open 24 hours a day to accomodate more Palestinian commercial activity.

The checkpoints were put in place to stop terrorism, but they have also made movement extremely difficult.

Matthew Kalman of Worldfocus partnerĀ The Media Line reports.

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JGE, if no one is taking us serously, why are you writng back to me. I think it pains you so much to see people know your history


Son of…..J: In each of your blogs you keep increasing the numbers of Arabs and Moslems killed in the Middle East and the world. You will come to a blog in which there are no more Arabs and Moslems.

You are laughable, full of errors and certainly you live in an imaginary world of Israel hatred. Unfortunately you have companions like: DH (DisHonest), Susan Walsh. Anything you folks read or write is hatred of Israel and nobody can take you seriously.

I guess you get my point eh? You are laughable,


Joshua, everyone is a threat to Israel, of course the mantra goes as such Tameed Bkheem always crying . Since 1948, Israel killed more than 500, 000 Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East and the world. Since that time until now the Muslims and the Arabs have been paying for Hitler and what he did to you. You are adamant about one thing never to balm yourselves for your miseries. Leave Palestine, you will live in peace, keep the occupation God will take his revenge at you.


son of jerusalem keep obama out of this? obama is almost as big a threat to israel as the palestinians he also is intent on israels destruction which is exactly what you look for in a president isnt it


Judea and Samaria: Let us talk about what happened after Oslo; Israeli settlements quadrupled, Israeli settlers increased more than 500%. Israel killed more than 10, 000 Palestinian civilians. Israelis killed their own prime minster who believed in peace. Israel uprooted more than 1000,000 trees in the West Bank and Gaza and jailed more than half of the Palestinian people. My suggestion, keep Obama out of this and balm your OCCUPATION of the Palestinian people


If the outcome of the removal of the roadblocks and checkpoints will result in suicide attacks or other types of attacks the blame will be on Obama and his administration.

Let us not forget what has happend after Oslo I and II.


I hope this means that the kids can have chocolate now, I mean that is really mean taking chocolate from the children, its like you want them to grow up hating you


Hope people can see what the Palestinians are going through everyday. Boris, Said that settlers are hard working farmers, Israeli news says that they are killers

Ze’ev Braude
(Daniel Bar-On / Jini)

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Last update – 23:23 14/07/2009

Charges dropped against settler filmed shooting Palestinians

By Ofra Edelman, Haaretz Correspondent

Tags: Settlers, Israel News, Hebron

The State Prosecution said Tuesday that it was dropping charges against a resident of Kiryat Arba who was caught on film shooting at two Palestinians in the West Bank last December.

The prosecution said it made the decision not to try Ze’ev Braude because such a move could expose classified information that might harm the security of the state.

Braude, 51, was filmed by the human rights group B’Tselem opening fire on the Palestinians at close range during the evacuation of a disputed house in Hebron. He was initially charged with intending to cause grievous bodily harm.


Following the indictment, Defense Minister Ehud Barak signed off on a document guaranteeing immunity concerning sources of information for the Shin Bet, its modus operandi and the units and personnel operating within the framework of the organization.

Braude’s attorney Ariel Atari requested that the court instruct the State Prosecution to reveal the secret evidence in order to help Braude’s defense.

The prosecution argued that revealing the information would harm state security and added that if obligated to reveal the information, it would drop the charges against Braude.

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