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July 13, 2009
Burmese refugees rounded up and sold in Malaysia

In Malaysia, some immigration officials have been accused of involvement in selling refugees from Myanmar, also known as Burma, to gangs in Thailand.

The attorney general’s office in Malaysia says 10 immigration officers are being investigated after the U.S. State Department placed Malaysia on its list of the world’s worst human trafficking offenders last month.

Karen Zusman, an independent journalist, recently returned from Malaysia, where she reported on the plight of Burmese refugees.

For more, listen to an audio documentary and view images from Malaysia: Malaysia refuses to recognize Burmese as refugees




We need to put effort together and help these brothers and sisters. If you care, here is my contact infor–


I need to put effort together and help these brothers and sisters. If you care, here is my contact infor–


I do salute to the courage of Karen Zusman in taking this video.Many who are living in Malaysia as refugees are being traumatized by fear of police, rela, local gangstars,and immigration without uniform.Bosses take advantage of the refugees by paying the least or not by paying at all or cheating on their pays. Women are harassed at work by bosses, and on the way to work by polices with or without uniform.By 2009, UNHCR and other NGO especially like Tenaganita are working hard that the Malaysian Government has taken real action on 7 immigration officers who got involve in Refugees trafficking, and which is a good sign. But the Malaysia Government should consider for the Rohingyas who are alike in their religion but they don’t have land to live on earth. While Malaysia still has got a large land to live on.There are some Rohingyas who don’t even speak Burmese anymore since they haven been in Malaysia for years,some even already two decades, but their identity is still the same, undocumented or refugees.What a religion!It’s truly beyond my comprehension.


no help for african Refugees in malaysia they hate as idon’t know why the war in africa just have a look to sudanese stiouation for years the war in sudan somalia brothers diein every day gana libera ….. as well help as give us chanse to life forget abut Myanmarm they act like foo


Yes, everything reported in here is exactly what is happening among Burmese refugees. We are treated like a property and exploited. And they try to make money out of us. Another thing I want to add here is , police are making money out of us. If we unfortunately meet police, they will lead us to a secluded place and take everything we have from us. But if they don’t see to take from us, they will ask us to call our friends to bring money for ransom of Rm.100- 1000 . Otherwise telling us that they are going to take us to detention center and put in jail. I hope you can figure out that Malaysian police are robbers and thieves. I am sorry for a very few honest police .
We desperately need people who can stand up and rise theri voices to the entire world for us ,sothat we can be free from this miserable life(we don’t belong to ourself and our belongings don’t actuallly belong to us).
Thank you for the video. And thanks to those who stand on our side. We need your continuing supports. May God bless you all.


Like other bad places in the world, refugees are kicked when they are down. This is a basic human rights issue of not being sold as slaves or worse. The military government in Burma is not interested with their own people, see cyclone responses. The Malaysian government is not interested because the refugees are not the correct religion. Indonesian migrants are treated differently, still taken advantaged of but not as slaves.


I totally agree with Niila Keshava’s comment. We are all human. Shame on Malaysia Please save the refugees!


So, Indonesia cannot see the moral imperative of standing up for the downtrodden of Burma. I think they had a similar moral lapse on one of their eastern islands. Too bad Islam is failing to teach the basic cardinal human values, as does all the major religions. Wake up Malaysia – it is a human race.


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