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July 9, 2009
G-8 leaders grapple with climate change

The issue of climate change has been a contentious one at the G-8 summit. The major industrialized countries have reached an agreement among themselves to cut greenhouse gases, but a group of developing countries — the so-called G-5 nations — have balked.

On Thursday, the G-5 nations agreed on a general guideline to limit an increase in the world’s temperature. Still, they refused to adopt specific targets to reduce their emissions of carbon. The G-5 countries have been demanding western aid and access to new, clean burning technology in return for agreeing to cut those emissions.

Michael Novacek, provost of science at the American Museum of Natural History, joins Martin Savidge to discuss how the G-8 summit will effect climate change policy.

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Michael Novacek said that global temperatures had warmed up in the last few decades. The most reliable measurements we have from satellites show nothing of the kind. After temp drops in the 1970s, the 1980s had about the same temps from beginning to end, and do the 2000s. Only the 1990s warmed. Here is a graph from an old NASA hand:

He also used the terms “carbon dioxide” and “carbon” for CO2. Only the former is correct. Carbon is element number 6 in the periodic table of the elements. Emissions of carbon actually do cause snow and ice to melt when the carbon lands on the snow and ice.

What would you have thought of Novacek if he used “apples” and “oranges” interchangeably to mean only “apples”? Would you have let him on the program?

You really need to look at the evidence on warming and its total lack of correlation with CO2 levels:

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