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July 8, 2009
Palestinian family donates son’s organs to Israelis

The PBS series “Wide Angle” traces the story of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy killed by Israeli soldiers who mistakenly believed his toy gun was real. The boy’s father decided to donate his son’s organs to several seriously ill children, including an Israeli Druze, an Israeli Bedouin and the son of an orthodox Jewish family. He then set out to visit them.

Watch the full film, “Heart of Jenin,” and find more information at PBS Wide Angle’s website.

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Did they just say, we prefer if the kidney came from a Jew at the end? My God, what kind of people are we dealing with here!


Just Got Educated: JGE, just see what your people are doing to honest Americans, I am sure you balme Arafat for this
U.S. rabbis suspected of brokering illegal sale of human kidneys

By Reuters

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Three New Jersey mayors and several rabbis were arrested on Thursday in a sweeping federal investigation into political corruption that also uncovered human kidney sales and money laundering from Brooklyn to Israel, authorities said.

Among the 44 people arrested were Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, who took office 23 days ago.

Cammarano, at 31 the city’s youngest-ever mayor, was charged with taking $25,000 in bribes, including e10,000 last Thursday, said the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, New Jersey.


The case exposed “a corrupt network of public officials who were all too willing to take cash in exchange for promised official action,” Acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra said in a statement. “It seemed that everyone wanted a piece of the action. The corruption was widespread and pervasive.”

Central to the investigation was an informant who was charged with bank fraud in 2006 and posed undercover as a real estate developer and owner of a tile business hoping to build projects and win public contracts in northern New Jersey, according to documents in the case.

The undercover witness helped infiltrate a money-laundering
network by rabbis who operated between Brooklyn, Deal, New Jersey, and Israel and laundered millions of dollars through charitable nonprofit entities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey, authorities said.

They laundered some $3 million for the undercover witness between June 2007 and July 2009, authorities said.

Julio La Rosa, acting special agent in charge of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, said while traditional money laundering was once confined to narcotics traffickers and organized crime, “based on the allegations contained in today’s complaints, money laundering has no boundaries and impacts every segment of our society.”

Human kidney sales
Rabbis accused of money-laundering were Eliahu Ben Haim, the principal rabbi of a synagogue in Deal; Saul Kassin, chief rabbi of a synagogue in Brooklyn; Edmund Nahum, the principal rabbi of another synagogue in Deal; and Mordchai Fish, a rabbi at a synagogue in Brooklyn.

Most of the defendants were arrested early on Thursday by federal agents.

One of the many criminal complaints filed in the case also accused a Brooklyn man, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, with conspiring to broker the sale of a human kidney for a transplant, at a cost of $160,000 to the transplant recipient.

According to the complaint, Rosenbaum said he had been brokering the sale of kidneys for 10 years.

The undercover witness also helped infiltrate the huge public corruption scheme, authorities said.

A slew of public officials, council and mayoral candidates and associates took bribes for pledging their help in getting projects prioritized and approved or steering contracts to the witness, authorities said.

Accused were Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, state Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt and Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Also named were state assemblymen L. Harvey Smith, and Daniel Van Pelt, who were charged with accepting bribes.

Elwell was charged with taking a $10,000 cash bribe, and Anthony Suarez, mayor of Ridgefield, was charged with agreeing to accept a e10,000 corrupt cash payment.

Beldini, Jersey City deputy mayor, was charged with taking $20,000 in illegal contributions


Boris, I am still waitng for you to anser my questions. Nothing from what you wrote is correct. It does not have any evidence to support it. If the Jews were attacked in the Arab world, how come they still live with respect and integrity in their native countries. How come the Bahraini ambassador to the USA is A Jew. Why according to Roger Cohen of the NYtimes the Iranian Jews are very well to do and have no problems where as Palestinians are being massacred by you. Boris, did you see the Border Police You-Tube on Harretz, which abuse the Palestinians very much. Do you why little is heard about Jewish refugees? Because they do not exist!!!! The State of Israel was secretly negotiating with Arab corrupt regimes the immigration of Jews from their countries and that is exactly what happened. By the way you still encourage people to come (immigrate) Why? How come those who come from the UAS and Russia and France are not called refugees? Great games you playing. Are you an immigrant or a refugee. Is Shimon Peres an immigrant, a refugee, or a pioneer Zionist who came from Poland. Why the Jews who left Arab countries as part of a vast conspiracy between Israel and corrupt Arab leaders are refugees, but those who came from Europe are good Jews and pioneer Zionist. I would love to hear your answers to that

As for Iran the government publicly allowed the Jews to immigrate with all their belongings. Look at Moroccan Jews, they do not want to leave, they can, but they do not want. Why? Because they know that Zionism is a huge lie and they have more respect in the Arab world. How Many Russians have been begging on the streets for money? Most of them are Engineers, lawyers, and Doctors. Some of my friends were Christians and immigrated too for a better living, but they returned back after they discovered the Zionist lie. I want to speak in English only, so we remain fair to those who read.


Boris: the way you got 1000 saved, Al Jazeera is working for Israel and shows Israel the location of Palestinians in GAZA and that is how Israel keeps bombing people based on Al-Jazeera footage.Also the owners of Al Jazeera the Qutari Governemnt have very good relations with your country. So stop lying to people


To Reza Hakeemi: Upcoming film: “the Stoning of Soraya M.” will show the real face of your country, Iran.
To “Son” of Jerusalem: Again, how you get 1000 killed every month, you count Iraqi, Afghanis, Pakistanis and Iranians were killed in last few months?? You should advise Al Jezira to convince Palestinians Do Not go to “racist” hospitals; better for them go to get treatment in Syrian, Jordanian or Egyptian hospitals.


Boris, Enough is enough. The film unmasked you and your country.


Boris, to the best of my knowledge about 1000 Palestinians get killed by Israel every month not saved. I feel sorry for you, because the truth put you and many on the defensive. I would love to see evidence of what you say. The entire documentary of the heart of Jenin, showed what Israel is all about. Your entire country is built on racism. I am waiting for you next lie


Yoni Jesner, a 19 year old Jewish religious student murdered in the bombing of a Tel-Aviv bus September, 2002. Part of his body went to save the life of a Palestinian girl from East Jerusalem. Generosity and faith of these two families – the Jesners and the Khatibs – and we ask if a person can live on in some way through organ donation – here, in these two stories, part of a Jew alive in an Arab, and part of an Arab alive in a Jew.
About 1,000 Palestinians per month receive medical treatment in Israel. Under the private Israel programme “Save a Child’s Heart”, doctors at Wolfson Hospital near Tel Aviv repair congenital heart defects for children like Ketnani from the Palestine territories, Iraq, Jordan and Africa. More than 1,000 children, about half from Gaza and West Bank, have been helped so far by the programme. About 1,000 Palestinians per month receive medical treatment in Israel, up from 600 in recent years.


The most telling segment was the reaction of Israeli’s waiting for surgery to end. Even such elemental kindness is beneath them…; It is the Israelis who would happily “see the pages of history turn Palestinian to dust.” They are emotionally cold to any but their own tribe, thriving mostly from US tax dollars. Their delivery of water that is clearly impure is all they see fit for Arabs. Having found so many “totally self-referented” in my life, it is hard not to understand why the Arab world finds them so frightening. They are above any civilized consideration for anyone, non-jew (tho’ not _all_ obviously), too often.


So Pathetic these Jewish cannot look deep inside the mind of this little boy’s father. Rest in peace Jenin, Palestinian and the world are proud of you.So touching indeed


Racism is embedded in the Jewish mind. They are not willing to visit and thank an Arab donor of a kidney to their child. The Mother of the donor speaks for all the Palestinians and the Arabs about Arab and Muslim values and the Jewish family speaks for all the Jews about hatred and racism

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