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July 8, 2009
North Korea suspected in cyber attack on U.S., South Korea

North Korea is being implicated in a cyber attack over the July 4 weekend, according to South Korean intelligence officials.

The attack brought down several major American and South Korean Web sitesĀ at least temporarily. But other South Korean officials expressed doubt that the North Koreans could carry out such an attack.

Keith Epstein, an investigative reporter for BusinessWeek whose specialty is cyber security, joins Martin Savidge to discuss who is behind the cyber attacks, the consequences of the attacks and how the U.S. can improve cyber security.

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this attack will most likly be just the beginning of a series of cyber attacks in our government and military operations;
WHEN – China and the soviets attacked our spy satilights systems last year and the economic growth of each country makes for a case that their ecomony can withstand a long and protracted war with the United States , while our country has no weapons to combat a large -cyber attack ,while fighting off a new and improved Russian AND CHINA MILITARY…I also want to bring up an issue that no one has sugguested is that if you gain access to the inner workings of a Govnt. classified computer systems the security of Banking systems dont have near the capacity the federal gov. has……..which means that the new cold war is to attack the economy and the military by and through the Nations cyber network..??????????????

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