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July 3, 2009
Week in review: Iraq pullback and unrest in Honduras

Garrick Utley, former NBC News anchor and now president of the Levin Institute of the State University of New York, and Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories.

They discuss the U.S. offensive in Afghanistan, the American pullback in Iraq and unrest in Honduras following a military coup.




Just Got Educated: JGE; Saudi Arabia did not create the question of Palestine and it should not finance it. No Arab country except Jordan conspired with Israel to expel the Palestinians from their country. The question of Palestine was created by Europe and the USA, and both MUST MUST MUST continue to feed the Palestinians until independence. Look at Israel, after 61 years you are getting money from the Europeans and the Americans, and for what, just to kill civilians and cry wolf. All your ministers are thieves and all your politicians are corrupt and you accuse the Palestinians of doing that. The funniest thing is that the Palestinians stole all these Billions as if they got that much to begin with. It is time to Get Educated, begin by reading the Iron Wall by Avi Shlaim


JGE:JGE; you have no morality at all, you are just filling the pages of this informative website with Jewish garbage and propaganda. Not enough what you have been doing to the TV industry, the Bank systems, and politics. Every scandal, financial or sexual in the USA has a Jew behind it. From Lewinsky, to Abramoff, the Governor of New Jersey Jim, McGreevy who was caught having an affair with an Israeli Mossad agent, to Katz, the lover of the current Governor, to Spitzer, to the war in Iraq (Wolfiwetz) and many more. By the way in your January writings Arafat’s wife stole 200 million and now 2 billion, and Arafat stole much less per your writings. At any rate you are delusional and a loser. By the way when are Olmert, Libereman, and Omari Sharon going to Jail?? just a reminder of your love culture


Abbas disregards President Obama’ s request to stop anti-Israel hatred>

PA Blocks Hamas Incitement, Continues its Own.
The Palestinian Authority has begun an initiative aimed at reducing anti-Fatah incitement in Hamas-affiliated mosques as allegations of serious PA-led incitement against Israel continue to surface.

The anti-incitement initiative will include a uniform formula for Friday morning sermons in all mosques throughout Judea and Samaria. PA officials hope that standardizing the sermon will prevent Hamas-affiliated preachers from using their weekly address to slam the PA and Fatah.

The PA will also make the roles of preacher and prayer leader in area mosques official positions. Officials said the move would prevent “external influences” from playing a role in the messages sent to worshippers.

The initiative does not appear to be aimed at reducing anti-Israel incitement. In previous years the PA did not take steps to fight harsh anti-Israel invective in PA mosques, and senior PA officials and preachers were among those who used mosques to spread anti-Israel and anti-Semitic messages.

PA Minister: PA was Terrorism Leader
The PA’s anti-incitement program was rolled out at the same time that its own anti-Israel incitement continues to make headlines. Over the weekend, PA Minister of Prisoners Affairs Issa Qaraqe praised terrorists, including one convicted of murdering two Israelis; this week the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization revealed that senior PA clerics have been preaching that Jews are evil and Jerusalem has no Jewish history.

Translators from PMW found that former PA official Ashraf el-Ajrami gave a television interview praising the PA’s involvement in terrorist attacks on Israel in recent years. PA forces, including its police, carried out “the biggest and most important operations” during the years of terrorist violence that erupted in 2000, Ajrami said.

Ajrami’s defense of the PA as “the backbone” of anti-Israel terror was a response to Hamas criticism of PA armed forces. Hamas derided the troops as “Dayton’s troops,” a reference to the advanced training the security forces receive from American general Keith Dayton.

The high level of terrorist activity among PA forces is clear from the high percent of “martyrs” and prisoners who are affiliated with the Fatah-led PA, Ajrami said.

He gave several examples of attacks carried out by those serving in PA special forces at the time. One was the 2002 attack at the Ein Arik checkpoint, in which six soldiers were killed and others wounded; the two terrorists responsible were PA policemen.

The former PA minister also stated that PA troops were responsible in a 2002 shooting attack near Ofra in which 10 soldiers and civilians were murdered. Another attack in the same area, in which a mother of five was murdered while driving home, was carried out by terrorists using weapons provided by PA troops.

PA troops were carrying out attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians “while for months Hamas stood by the side and watched before beginning to take action,” Ajrami concluded.

Ajrami’s message of pride in the terrorist attacks carried out by PA troops sends a clear message to PA Arabs, said PMW’s Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik: “Don’t disregard the PA security forces, since they are likely to be the backbone of a future war against Israel.”


Any money for the poor Palestinians? No way Jose.

The world’s biggest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, earned $283 billion from petroleum exports last year, up from $206 billion in 2007, the report showed.


Hamas says it has broken up Fatah espionage network in Gaza


Arafat and his gang (including Abbas) robbed the Palestinians of 6 billion dollars and put them in Swiss Banks. Arafat’s widow has 2 billion dollars, not bad for one nights job. Are they going to to be investigated and brought to trial, no not in Ramallah, have you ever heard of accountability of Palestinian leaders?

When blogging check dictionary, although in Ramallah all books are hate Israel only.

The Palestinian chickens are happily laying eggs in Ramallah.


Just Got Educated: JGE; I never looked at this as an English language debate, but always saw it as right verses long debate. Where I whole heartedly believe that you have been abusing the Palestinians and killing them for sole racist reasons no more no less. I can tell that you are an American born and educated racist Jewish person, and you have failed miserably to develop any human values in your life. Your goal is to constantly dehumanize the other so you can feel good about yourself. From your writings, I can assure that you hate yourself more than you hate others


Just Got Educated: JGE; You have not answered me yet regarding the Israeli theft from American senior citizens. If your culture is teaching you to love and not hate, then why are you stealing from senior citizens, why the settlers are killing Palestinians and burning their harvest, why religious Jews are forcefully evicting Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem, Hebron, and the rest of the occupied territories, why are lying day and night and misrepresenting facts, why your interior minister wants to prevent Israeli Arabs from building and living freely in their country, and why all your ministers and indeed prim minister are fighting fraud or extra-marital affaires charges? I would to see your spin on that.


Rami Makhlouf says Pearl Airline will be back in the air soon because of improving US-Syrian relations. He blames the grounding of the airline on the Spanish company which should have made sure that US sactions against the Syrian use of Airbus planes did not apply.

رامي مخلوف متفائل بعودة العلاقات السورية الأمريكية
ويقول: ما حصل مع اللؤلؤة ناجم عن خطأ من الشركة الإسبانية

بدا المهندس رامي مخلوف مطمئنا إلى شركة لؤلؤة سورية إحدى شركات شام القابضة (والتي يعد مخلوف أحد المساهمين الرئيسيين فيها)، خاصة في ظل وجود بدائل عن الطائرات التي سحبتها الشركة الاسبانية المؤجرة، بعدما طلبت وزارة الخزانة الأمريكية سحبها لعدم حصولها على الموافقة لوجود مكونات أمريكية فيها، علماً ان إجراءات الموافقة كانت جارية.

ارتياح مخلوف ظهر أيضاً على خلفية التحسن الملحوظ في العلاقات السورية الأمريكية في ظل التطورات الأخيرة والتي تم على أثرها إعلان أوباما إعادة السفير الأمريكي إلى سورية.

مخلوف قال في تصريح لسيرياستيبس: إن اللؤلؤة ستعود قريباً للعمل مشيرا إلى أن التحرك جاد لإعادة رحلات الشركة سريعا و بطائرات قد تكون مستأجرة من شركة إقليمية.

وقال أن اللؤلؤة وجدت كي تنمو وتتطور وماحصل معها كانت نتيجة خطأ من الشركة الاسبانية التي كان عليها أن تحصل على الموافقة الأمريكية قبل أن ترسل طائراتها إلى اللؤلؤة لتسييرها في الأجواء السورية ضمن محطات داخلية.


laying = to produce and deposit eggs

Are the Palestinian chickens “laying” eggs in Ramallah?


So there is no problem eh?

“”Abbas explained that he intends to “sit and wait.”

“Until then, in the West Bank we have a good reality . . . the people are living a normal life.”

So Palestinians in Ramallah are OK. Do you disagree with Abbas?


“” U.S. President Barack Obama met Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas Thursday and said afterwards that the PA must stop anti-Israel incitement.

“I also mentioned to President Abbas in a frank exchange that it was very important to continue to make progress in reducing the incitement and anti-Israel sentiments that are expressed in schools and mosques and in the public square,” Obama added, “because all those things are impediments to peace.”


Just Got Educated: JGE; the spin is Palestinians teach hate in their school, reality is, Israel is practicing it on the ground per Ben-Gurion, the 9 Israeli thieves, and the haredim that want to kill the mayor, and the constant killing of the Palestinians since 1948. So you could feel good by laying to the American people and laying to yourself, but reality is you are the biggest haters on earth. There is a huge difference between self-defense and aggression, Israel’s is an aggreession


President Obama asked Abbas to stop teaching Palestinian children to hate Israel as a condition to move forward.

We have the sorry example of DH (DisHohest) spreading his hatred of Israel with funny, silly childish blogs. For sure DH (DisHonest) is a lost
case, and a whole generation of Palestinian youth are a lost case. The question is would the Palestinians recover? Or simply they are a lost cause.

The bottom line is that Israel has to be prepared to defend itself, and not allow these Palestinian/Muslim fanatics to spread hate, violence, destruction and ignorance. Poor Palestinians they are in a holly mess.


Just Got Educated:JGE; the truth about your people. Stealing from the USA. Not enough what the Americans give you, now you are stealing from them and on many occasions spying on them

9 Israelis suspected of scamming millions from U.S. pensioners

By Yuval Goren, Haaretz Correspondent

Tags: fraud, U.S., Israel NEws

The Tel Aviv police fraud squad arrested on Sunday nine Israelis on suspicion of netting millions of dollars from U.S. pensioners in a so-called Nigerian scam.

Police raided an office in the city, which is suspected to have been the nerve center of the dodgy enterprise. The defendants, all in their 20s and 30s, allegedly phoned American pensioners, told them they had won the lottery and asked them for a fee of several thousand dollars for the transfer of the prize money, which in fact never existed.

The investigation has been conducted in conjunction with U.S. law enforcement agencies.


Last week, it was reported that the American agencies had urged Israel Police to step up the extradition procedure of another ten Israelis who were suspected of scamming $2 million in similar means.

Most of the ten defendants in the advance-fee scam, which was unveiled by police last September, are in their early twenties, without a criminal record.

The first hearing in their extradition plea took place last week, after a New York law enforcement official said many of the victims are old and frail, and urged the Israeli police to bring the alleged offenders to imminent justice.

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Just Got Educated: JGE; there is a huge difference between the Palestinians who are struggling to liberate themselves and people like you who were indoctrinated to hate gentiles and spread lies about them and some Israeli Jews who are willing to kill for a parking lot. JGE, the truth is, that you hate yourself and that is why you hate others


DH (DisHonest) did you read the blog by New Prophecy? Did you understand the facts?

If not I will explain to you slowly but sure. Remember your dyslexia , by anything you read your brain transfers into hatred of Israel. This is a result of the hatred you were instructed in your Palestinian school. It will take time for you to recover, but do not give up.


Saudi Arabia has been exporting Wahadism (Ben Laden, Al Qeida), now they are infecting Gaza, and participating in the killings of Hamas, Fatah/Al Aqsa murderers, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad.

And Iran exports thousands of weapons and rockets to Gaza, not food, not medical supplies.

Next read about Yasir Arafat and his gang (Abbas et al), spread murder stole all of the money and put it in Swiss banks. Ariel Sharon took care of him. Arafat did not want to come out from his palace in Ramallah, surrounded by handsome bodyguards, engaging in his favorite pastime.
Finally he flew to Paris, sick from his indulging, died in the hospital from blood disease: AIDS. People are not told, since homosexuality is not tolerated by Arabs/Muslims.

This narrative is more entertaining that Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers mixed with One and a Thousand Nights. Ahead with watering the donkeys
and camels, and smoking the nargila.
The Palestinians are involved in a holly war and are in a holly mess


Just Got Educated: JGE, read so you leanr about your people and stop spreading lies about the Arabs. See who is calling who the worst names ever. It is not Assad, of your friend Najad, it is your own leaders

Why did Ben Gurion call Begin a ‘Hitlerist type’?

By Tom Segev

Tags: Israel news, David Ben Gurion

Budding friendship

Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, knew how to hate; from time to time he would transfer his hatred from one person to another. On May 15, 1963, he wrote to poet Haim Gouri: “[Menachem] Begin is clearly a Hitlerist type: a racist, willing to destroy all the Arabs for the sake of Greater Israel; he justifies any means for the sacred end – absolute rule …”

A few years later, Ben-Gurion “transferred” his hatred to Levi Eshkol, and wanted to reconcile with Begin. “My [wife] Paula has always been an admirer of yours, for some reason,” he wrote to Begin in February 1969: “I was strongly opposed to several of your viewpoints and actions … and I don’t regret that, because in my opinion I was right (anyone is capable of making a mistake without realizing it), but on a personal level, I have never had anything against you and the more I have gotten to know you in recent years – the more I have appreciated you, and my Paula is pleased about that.”


In 1981, then-prime minister Begin sent Gouri a copy of Ben-Gurion’s letter, and this week Gouri spoke about this document at the annual conference of the Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History, in Jerusalem.

Begin wrote to Gouri: “I have copied the late Mr. Ben-Gurion’s letter for you not in order to ‘brag.’ But from the moment I received this letter I have always asked myself: Maybe we would really have been spared many tragic and even terrible things had the late Ben-Gurion and I been ‘better’ acquainted with one another.”

Begin pointed out that Ben-Gurion’s letter to him was written a few years after the letter to Gouri. “So which letter is valid? The earlier one or the later one? In law, it is common practice that if a person willed his property on a certain date and later changed both his mind and his will, the later document is binding, not the earlier one.”

The prime minister did not ask Gouri to make his letter public. “I am writing to you out of a human urge, nothing more,” he said then.

Out of oblivion

On June 1, 1925, a new daily newspaper appeared in Tel Aviv, called Davar. The paper came out continuously until 1996, and was generally considered an important publication. Past issues of it are therefore also important to the study of history, but can only be found in a few libraries today.

Recently, however, Davar joined a number of Jewish newspapers that can be perused online, on a Web site initiated by Tel Aviv University and the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem. The project – which so far covers the period 1948-1969 – also includes Jewish newspapers published in Arab countries and the English-language Palestine Post.

Davar is the first Hebrew newspaper included on the site. Historian Yaron Tzur, the project coordinator, says the next addition will be the daily Maariv.

Not only is the Web site ( user-friendly, it also has rescued these newspapers from oblivion.Journalism is often considered “the first draft of history,” although its main value does not necessarily lie in the information it provides, but in the public discourse it reflects.

Interesting in this connection, for example, are the first articles published in Davar by journalist Nahum Barnea, beginning in 1967, including one entitled “Israel Boom Boom.” In it, he described a visit to Greece, where he encountered great affection for Israel, in the wake of the Six-Day War.

‘Narrow-minded people’

A short while ago, artist David Tartakover was invited to submit an entry for a poster exhibit organized by the Hellenic Migration Policy Institute (IMEPO) in Athens, which is under the aegis of the Greek interior minister.

Tartakover, an Israel Prize laureate, blew up the first page of his grandfather’s passport and printed the following words on it, in English: “On October 21, 1938, my grandparents left Vienna, Austria, for Palestine.” Austria had been annexed to Nazi Germany a few months earlier. The passports of David and Rebecca Tartakover bore the swastika and the letter “J,” in red, identifying them as Jews.

IMEPO was very impressed with the poster, but refused to display it. The institute’s president, Alexander Zavos, expressed his regret and wrote to Tartakover in the following letter: “I am afraid we live in a country that is in a socially critical situation right now and there are tensions everywhere. There are street riots, there is instability and we’re afraid of reactions. Any reference to Palestine, for example, or the Holocaust, we are very much afraid would spark reactions that would harm the exhibition and the organization itself. You know, there are narrow-minded people that are seeking excuses for trouble.

For example, we have many immigrants from Palestine, and they could misinterpret your message and bring us in a difficult position. Being a governmental organization, we are supervised by the minister of interior, thus we have to be very careful when it comes to decisions like this.”

Tartakover submitted an alternative poster. He distributed his original entry as a postcard to exhibition visitors, with Zavos’ letter printed on its reverse side.


Death threats sent to Jerusalem mayor following parking lot riots

By Nir Hasson and Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondents, and News Agencies

Tags: Haredim, Nir Barkat

Two e-mail death threats were sent to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Sunday, a day after police clashed with ultra-Orthodox demonstrators protesting the opening of a parking lot in the capital on Shabbat. Security at Barkat’s office has been increased following the threats, and police have opened an investigation.

Barkat’s bureau issued a statement Sunday vowing that Barkat will not change his decision to open the parking lot.


On Saturday, twenty eight ultra-Orthodox demonstrators were arrested and six people were wounded during riots in Jerusalem against the Sabbath opening of the parking lot. A 20-year-old Haredi man sustained serious head wounds during the turmoil; Magen David Adom emergency services said the man, suffering from convulsions, was taken to Hadassah Ein Karem for medical treatment. Police said they had no further details about the circumstances in which the man was wounded. Four police officers were also lightly hurt during the protests, as was a six-year-old boy, according to the Associated Press.

Near the site of the demonstration, thousands of secular Israelis held a counter-protest in support of Barkat’s decision to open the Carta parking lot. Despite the ultra-Orthodox protesters’ attempts to block the parking lot entrance in the afternoon, hundreds of cars were able to park there successfully on Saturday.

The Mayor’s bureau said later Saturday that the lot solved the problems of parking and public safety in Jerusalem’s Old City. “The mayor is obligated to maintain the public’s safety and this concern is what guides him,” said a Barkat spokesperson. “The police must now be concerned with public order.” In the wake of the protests, Barkat’s security detail has been reinforced and a security guard has been placed outside of his home.

On Friday, ultra-Orthodox Jerusalemites staged a mass rally to protest the parking lot’s opening. Droves of Haredim flooded Bar Ilan Street, a major throughway in the heart of an ultra-Orthodox district, as well as other sites in the city.

Violent riots also erupted three weeks ago, after the municipality passed a resolution to open the Safra parking lot in the city center on the Sabbath. Hoping to appease the protesters, Barkat decided to open the nearby Carta lot instead, but the controversy has not subsided. Numerous Haredi leaders from various factions, including Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv, a leader of the Lithuanian Haredi community, joined the call to hold the mass prayer session after the protest was initially led by Eda Haredit, an extremist ultra-Orthodox group. Protesters attacked journalists who were covering the events, including Channel 2 reporter Dafna Liel who had to cut short a live report


This is a post everybody should read:

“07/03/2009 :: 06:10:41 PM
New Prophecy? Says:

I was recently in the Middle-East. I find it appauling, that the only thing the Muslim population can agree upon is hatred of Israel. It is only a reason and method to direct violence towards a group of people, if tomorrow, hatred toward Israel would dissipate, I have no doubt in my mind that the Muslims in the area will fight and kill each other. (oh wait thats happening now on a moderate scale to). Although there are many who are moderate and seek peace, they are continually subjugated by the the extremist mullah’s and leaders of the community to hate, and if they dont hate and wish for the death of others, then they will face death themselves. I ask you, how is it possible to make peace with a group of people who really dont want peace, because a peace with Israel will only mean a beginning of war and destruction among the Arabs themselves. How could you not understand, that it is in the best interest of all the surrounding Muslim countries to provocate hatred towards the Jews and Israel, because its the only way they are able to maintain any sense of stability in there own countries… case in point:

Saudi Arabia- Conflict in Israel means 2 things, first any instability is a direct correlator towards oil prices, and second, the week Saudi government can only remain in power, if the economy is somewhat stable, they cant even protect themselves from themselves, let alone any other neighbors.

Iran- once again case in point, hatred of Israel is the cornerstone of Ahmadinijad’s poise for power. the populace is fed up with him and his lies, but they continually use the instability in the region to develop weaponry, cause instability, and distract there people from their internal strife.

And the list for Syria and Lebanon is very similar. If the surrounding Arab population is so worried about the Palestinians then why not have a three state solution, where the Gaza strip will be given back to Egypt and the West bank will go back to Jordan (the two neighboring countries who have formal peace with Israel.) Well its because neither want the land! the last time Palestinians went to Jordan, they tried to overthrow the leader and create chaos and havoc. None of the Arab neighbors, have any respect or care for the Palestinians (otherwise they would’ve accepted them a long time ago in there countries) they just use the Palestinians as pawns in a large regional game of chess.
For there sake, if the Palestinians want peace, they should stop teaching there kids hatred, and educate them in tolerance and accepting of others. They should not think of ways to kill the Israelis but ways to build there own futures. Not use there tunnels to transport rockets, but use those tunnels to transport there message of love. the religion of islam, teaches of tolerance and acceptance, but your Mullah’s have corrupted it into being a religion of hate. To the true muslims, i urge you to reclaim your religion and begin building a foundation of peace and love, not hate and intolerance.””


Congratulations worldfocus on Mr. Bremmer, his analysis is much better than Gideon Rose. He is not cynical and a very well red man

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