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July 3, 2009
Full Show: July 3, 2009

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dear Sir,
have you read or had someone translated for you, what the president of Honduras was proposing. He wanted to put on the ballot, a nonbinding questionnaire to find out if the people wanted to rewrite their constitution. Their constitution, having been written in the days of King Ronald the great Reagan.their constitution is worded in such a way that the military and the good old boys could take over in case the populace decided something different than the status quo. Which allowed the oligarchy to stay in power I get sickeningly tired of listening to these newscasts with half-baked idea on what’s actually going on. He wanted to rewrite the constitution to give the power to the people and he wanted to know if that was what they wanted, it was a nonbinding questioner. Don’t sound too undemocratic to me.but if those darn people get power the oligarchy might lose their license to steal. And these trumped up innuendos, of extending his stay in as president to be the reason for the coup. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge Ide like to show you. You got to try something new, it didn’t work in Venezuela, and everybody knows it but you. It’s like Chavez in Venezuela. He wanted to extend term limits, so he could finish projects that he had started. If the people didn’t want him to stay they would vote against him. If they are in favor of what he was doing. They would keep him in office. Im afraid that’s called democracy. But a lot of us seem to know one whole lot more about Latin American politics. Then our news people here in the United States do. Or on the other hand, I’m sure you’re writing what you are told to. The trumped up one in Honduras, was already used in Venezuela. But I guess when 90% of the news media is controlled by five corporations in this country. You think that we’re going to believe what, they the good old boys want. We’re not quite as stupid as you’d like.investigate what I’ve told you. And you’ll find out I’m right, or forget about it. Then we know who owns you. Free Press, ha ha ! free to press us with B S and hope were stupid enough to believe you.


Your coverage is very good, I watch it everyday. I request you to include the Indian index under Asian Markets. Being such a huge country, with much better growth aspects like China and more important biggest democracy of World it deserves coverage in every news channel.

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