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July 2, 2009
India rules homosexuality is no longer a crime

In India on Thursday, a court ruled that homosexuality should no longer be a criminal offense in New Delhi, the capital.

Outside the court, gay rights advocates hailed it as a huge step forward and said it would have the practical effect of cutting down on police harassment of gay people. Homosexuality has been a crime in conservative India since the British colonial era.

Opponents of the ruling can still challenge it in the country’s Supreme Court.

Watch a video of a recent gay pride parade in New Delhi from YouTube user trulyinternet:

Bellow, read what bloggers have to say about the court’s decision.

Blogger “Vijay” is ecstatic about the decision and takes pride in India’s progress:

In all honesty, I never thought that this will happen in India before my grandchildren came, but amazed and delighted that while some of the so called developed countries are still debating and discriminating, India, a land of multiple religions, cultures, social stigma and religious conservatism has moved forward.

Gay pride parades have risen in popularity in India.

Indian blogger Aravind is surprised at how long this decision took, adding that there has been backlash:

I was frankly surprised that such a movement took so long to arrive home in India – it is high time that people to come to terms with reality.  The response was mostly good, but it was a bit astonishing to see that several letters to [the] editor in The Hindu responded quite discouragingly.

The very first of these said removing the law would lead to dire consequences, such as leading to child abuse and a decay of morality and values, an erosion of ethics, and that it would mean giving undue freedom to minorities without responsibility and accountability.

At the heart of it all lies the myth that the whole thing is against the law of nature.

Blogger “Sanjukta” describes the reaction of religious leaders to the ruling:

The religious groups have already started reacting negatively. They say this is a sad day for civilised people.

The road ahead is still long, the next struggles would be about homosexuals couple’s property rights, adoption rights, marriage rights, domestic violence in intimate relations etc.

A blogger at “Counterlight’s Peculiars” remains somewhat skeptical, pointing out that discrimination will continue:

Life is not likely to change much for India’s LGBT population, which faces severe public hostility and persecution. Sex of all kinds is a taboo subject in India that is rarely publicly discussed.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user lighttripper under a Creative Commons license.

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The word “Pride” [even when not informed by the word “gay”] will continue to be a source of Strife…(e.g. gay + “pride”]

…for that very word’s “meaning” combined with its underlying subjective “definition(s)” [which may, necessarily, connotate what is even subconciously understood when considering the placement of the Word (with its etymological Definition) in that Dictionary of Our Concious Lives which is, daily and nightly, created by our most recent interpretations of our Perception of the times and our current Understanding of the customs of various peoples in our Comprehensive Awareness of the varying (and, sometimes, parallelling) durations of the sum of previous centuries even up to the present Era of History] will not fully allow, constructively, much to occur, in only a short period of Time, beyond the current Polity consisting of the boundaries of the (many layers of Physical/Mental/Spiritual) “rivers” of prior
long-term Philosophical Thinking concerning the possibilities embedded in certain natural corruptions which do, “naturally”, occur when “waters” [of anything] remain “flowing” long ehough within the confines of the banks
(or boundaries) of previously established and long accepted human civilities.

Why is “pride” needed…when logical thinking
orientated toward a more unemotional reasoning
process would accomplish at least a modicum of calm?

Is not the use and display of the word “pride”
the revealing beginning of the true nature of the root Cause which will, by its own Nature, tend to a corrupting Effect?

This observation is inquired by its combination with Time (e.g. Periods of Time + Rational Durations of Thinking = Clear Long Term Assessments) and what has already occured in Time as the Thinking becomes insightfully diffused into personal regions of a certain Rationality and not inquired or informed by means of anything involving less clarity.

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