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June 26, 2009
“Moonwalking” like Michael Jackson in Jerusalem

Michael Jackson’s death brought out a chorus of grief from across the globe.¬†Worldfocus producers grew up listening to his music from their homes around the world — from Jerusalem to Addis Ababa — and share their recollections of this truly global star.

Have your own memory of Michael Jackson? Share it in the comments section below.

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Thanks to Mr. Savidge & all the producers of World Focus –

thanks for a positive story on Michael Jackson, especially in time of grief.

It’s sad the mainstream media have praised Mr. Jackson then turn around and trash his name and image before his body is actually laid to rest.

Mr. Jackson’s family shouldn’t have to deal with this while having to deal with their grief.

For this reason, I have decided against purchasing any items. I am hoping his family will write a book, produce a documentary, or release unpublished songs by Michael, that I will purchase. But I will not purchase newspapers, special edition Times Magazine, or the sort.

Again, thanks for your kind words. Yours, in addition to BET was the only positive information I saw on t.v.


Michael Jackson is a few years older than me. But I remember growing up, the Jackson 5 was my first 45 record. I starting getting everyone of their albums, including the Jackson 5 Christmas Album.

The Jackson 5 made families, friends, neighbors all across the U.S. want to start singing groups. But no one was able to do what the Jackson 5 did, and this includes the Osmond Brothers.

It’s really eery, just last weekend I played a couple of songs by Michael Jackson 1)Who’s Loving You 2)With a Child’s Heart 3)Never Can Say Goodbye 4)I Wanna Be Where You Are 5)Maybe Tomorrow. These were songs Michael sung with his brothers.

He will be missed. He will always be loved. He will never be matched or surpassed.

My thoughts and prayers go to his family. It tore my heart to see the pain his brother Jermaine showed when addressing the public. I wish the family strength through this difficult time.

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