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June 12, 2009
Week in review: Iranian election and N. Korean leadership

Carol Giacomo, a member of The New York Times editorial board, and Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs Magazine, join Martin Savidge to discuss the top stories of the week. They look at the election in Iran and changing leadership in North Korea, where two American journalists were also sentenced to 12 years of hard labor earlier this week.

For more, view our Voices of Iran extended coverage page and listen to our online radio show on Baha’i faith and modern Iran.

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Ray: your list would have been prefect, had you added Israel into the mix. The three countries on earth that are real threat to peace and much be sanctioned by all are Israel, Iran and N. Korea


Iran and N Korea are disturbing instances where political might meets grandstanding.


Peter, you do realize it was a joke rather than a serious comment on World War II, right? Rose’s point was obviously a shorthand way of saying that Ahmadinejad uses Hitler references pretty casually. Or do you think that Ahmadenijad has a detailed and consistent theory about Nazi behavior which accounts for aggression, tyranny, generic war crimes, and so forth, departing from conventional historiography simply in leaving out the Holocaust-that-never-happened?


I jut watched this show and was shocked to hear Gideon Rose declare that ‘if the holocaust never happened…what is so wrong about being Hitlerian?” For somebody who is involved with a serious publication like Foreign Affairs that is the most outrageous statement. All of World War II. Millions of dead. Cities destroyed. Germany divided. Gypsies and many other ethnic and political dissidents killed. OK to be Hitlerian if no Holocaust is a very single- and narrow-minded view.

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