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June 10, 2009
Pakistanis in shock after deadly hotel bombing

Pakistan suffers under constant threat of Taliban attacks.

On Tuesday, militants stormed the gates of the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan, where they detonated explosives that killed at least 11 people.

The attack took place following threats by the Taliban to avenge the recent army offensive against the insurgents. Peshawar has been the site of frequent Taliban incursions as it is the capital of the North-West Frontier Province.

Faisal Kapadia is a freelance writer who lives in Karachi. He contributes to several blogs, including Deadpan Thoughts, where he reacts to the recent attack.

Peshawar Attacked

Its been 4 hours since the attack and still the rescuers are hard at work, in the dark digging up and out anyone that they can still find in the hotel. […]

The people of Pakistan are in shock — this is the third attack in so many weeks, each one brings more carnage and the realization that the war supposed to be fought far away in the mountains is now here in the streets of our cities.

Even now the police of our country are paralyzed having no forensics to trace our enemies and shoddy equipment. With a ratio of 1-500 plus civilians what security can they provide us?

Even now the politicians do their lip service promising “immediate investigations.” Funny, as we have still been unable to unmask the killer of our first PM or the last one. Investigations always continue…

Even now the analysis nation has switched on, Facebook statuses galore as people emote, what else can the poor sods do?

Even now despite all this the people of Pakistan have realized who the enemy is and with each attack we grow more united to stand together and take them on.

Even now we will go to work tomorrow and carry on as if nothing has happened, not because we are in denial only but because we are with repeated violence almost immune to any feeling towards it or the victims.

Even now with the utmost of loathing I have to realize there are people around me still who believe that the militants are right and it is us that is to blame for our sins.

They may maim us and kill us but they can never silence our voice.

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This terrorism attacks on the hotels create the doubt for the outside visitors. Either this is the safest place or not. Pakistan lost so many foreign reserve and foreign investment due to these attacks.
Sheraton Karachi

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