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June 10, 2009
African nations meet to tackle economic hurdles

World leaders gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, on Wednesday for the 19th annual World Economic Forum on Africa.

Mojubaolu Okome, a professor of political science from Brooklyn College, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the forum and how the global economic crisis has impacted African countries.

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The challenge for African development is tremendous because of local media’s desire to withhold true information. We celebrate African history and heritage but leave blank point about who is responsible in America for new policies advantageous to Africans. Or can we guess? Just leave aside Obama, ok? He did not start free exploitation and resources extraction.


It is important that the general public becomes “plugged in” to hearing and seeing Black folk presented in all media as scholars and experts in various fields. It is important too that Black folk tell their own stories since too often white supremacy dictates that others speak for us. Too brief an interview, but nevertheless informative!


Very well discussed. When I tell my students that Africa has had a 5% to 6% growth rate for the last few years preceding the financial meltdown, they look at me in disbelief. They have been programmed by the media to think totally negative about every single aspect of the continent.This is not to say that we should lower our aspirations for expanded sustained growth. I hope that the current economic crisis in the West will be a teaching opportunity for all, about the complexities of economic development and the folly of arrogance and complacency. Professor Okome was an excellent interviewee and got some of the major points across in the short time available.


Dr Mojubaolu is focus and precise. These voices need to be heard as the world need to hear from African centered voices who can tell Africa;s storys and issues and not rely on uninformed onterpretetions. As is so typical,Just as the discussion was getting to the core, time has run out??? We need to do justice on availing time and to reporting on and about Africa by capable people like Dr. Okome,


Dear Mojubaolu Okome keep going, this interview was good.iam hopping african leader will see

Hargeisa Somaliland


Thanks Funke for letting the world know that Africa has been continuously raped and still growing economically despite it all. Hoops! Did I say too much? They take all we have and still wonder how we’re growing? Without our cocoa, coffee, rubber, all the mineral resources you can think of. The richest continent and yet the poorest. Just don’t let me start.


Great job, Funke… represented the dynamism as well as the challenges of the African economy in the current era of financial crisis.


I like the interview,though it is brief but you made good points.Nice job.Pat

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