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June 8, 2009
Whites-only British party wins seats in European parliament

A BNP poster.

Britain’s left-wing Labour party, led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, suffered major losses in European parliamentary elections, fueled by anger over the economic crisis and the recent scandal over expenses claims.

Labour’s loss was the British National Party’s gain, to some extent. The BNP, a far-right, whites-only party, won some 8 percent of the vote and its first seats in the European parliament. Several mainstream politicians in Britain have condemned the BNP’s victory, and some staged a walkout during BNP leader Nick Griffin’s victory speech.

Marko Hoare is a senior research fellow at Kingston University specializing in the history of Europe. He writes at “Greater Surbitron” to argue against the BNP’s vision of his country.

We must defend our Britain and our immigrants

Today is a day of national shame for Britain: the fascist ‘British National Party’ (BNP) has won two seats in the European parliament, and 6.6 percent of the national vote. Led by the Holocaust-denying Nazi sympathiser Nick Griffin, who won one of the two seats, the BNP is an all-white party that calls for an immediate halt to all immigration to the UK and the repatriation of existing legal immigrants through ‘a system of voluntary resettlement’. It claims to be defending the British nation and the culture and interests of the ‘indigenous population’.

Of couse, the BNP vision of Britain is [u]nrecognisable to any civilised British person. It is a vision of [those] who still live fifty years or more in the past and are incapable of coming to terms with the reality of the twenty-first century multiethnic Britain that most of us are at home in and comfortable with. I grew up in London, and went to school in an inner-city comprehensive, where the children spoke 51 different first languages. In my first year at school, as far as I can remember, roughly three-quarters of the children were from partially or wholly non-white or immigrant families. And the proportion only increased. For the most part, the difference between a native and an immigrant in London is blurred or non-existent, and for most of us Londoners, almost everyone we know and love is at least party immigrant in their origins. A foreigner arrives here and, within a year or less, becomes a Londoner. It is the great, constantly changing ethnic mix of London, with new ethnic groups and individuals arriving continuously from all over the world, that makes this such an exciting, dynamic city to live in. An all-white Britain would be an alien world for Londoners, or for the inhabitants of any town or city in the country.

So when the fascists or their fellow-travellers say that immigration is ‘destroying traditional British culture’, they are lying. As a Londoner born and bred, I think I would know if my traditional culture were being destroyed by immigrants. And guess what ? It isn’t. The British culture that I grew up with is a culture that is inseparable from multiethicity, constantly rejuvenated by new waves of immigrants. What a joy it is, to discover the Nigerian community in Peckham, or the South Asian community in Alperton; to hear regularly Russian and Polish in the streets; to eat Somali and Eritrean food ! The Notting Hill Carnival takes place every summer in Notting Hill, the traditional centre of West Indian life in London, where I grew up, and has been running for fifty years. Inspired by the annual carnival in Trinidad and launched in response to the Notting Hill race riots of 1958 – themselves incited by an earlier generation of fascists – it is an integral part of London’s cultural life. Without immigration, we would not have it. Ending immigration – were it possible – would prevent the emergence of other such cultural phenomena in the future.

This is not to agree with those ‘politically correct’ types who, in their cultural relativism, embrace a form of self-hating anti-white racism that is not much better than the racism of the BNP. There is not a ‘white culture’, ‘black culture’, ‘Asian culture’. etc.; there is our single, great British culture, in all its glorious, constantly evolving diversity. The cultural synthesis between ‘indigenous’ Britons and immigrants works both ways. It is not just a question of indigenous Britons benefiting culturally from immigration, but also of immigrants benefiting from contact with our great British culture. Every time a woman from Pakistan or Turkey, for example, takes advantage of British freedom to escape from an unwanted arranged marriage or oppressive and sexist parents and pursue her life as a free individual; every time Tamil, Tibetan or Chechen dissidents demonstrate here against regimes that persecutes their people back home, that is a triumph for Britain and something of which we should be proud. Immigrants are fuel for Britain’s economic and cultural growth; and Britain is a place of personal and political liberation for immigrants from less free societies.

The fascists would like to destroy our London and our Britain, and to substitute for them a London and a Britain based on uniformity; a uniformity based on the most retrograde and primitive elements of our ‘indigenous’ society. Such a Britain would be impossible to create, of couse, and the very attempt would necessarily involved pogroms and bloodshed on a scale never witnessed here before. To destroy London’s Arab Bayswater, Portuguese Golborne Road, Bengali Brick Lane, Soho Chinatown and so on, would be to destroy the whole city; an experiment in totalitarian violence of the kind practised by the Nazis and Communists. Nor would it stop there. Keeping ‘British culture’ uncontaminated by foreign influences would presumably mean keeping the British people hermetically sealed from the rest of the world: no pizzas or curries for us; no American music or films; no French or Italian clothes; no Japanese electronic goods. British culture cannot be separated from global culture, and only the most medieval of barbarians would try to do so.

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Oh, great…an “I’m not racsist”, “Islam = hate”, “diversity is a weakness” sanctioned racist political party. What a shining example some of you Brits continue to show the world. It makes “taxation without representation” seem like a downright generous attitude.

I fear for the future as uneducated nabobs like the BNP gain converts and the greasy gloss of respectability.

And these commentors are supposedly educated Thirteen watchers? I find that very hard to believe.

[Good catch, Thomas. The BNP are copyright infringers, too. I guess once you cross one sleazy line, the others get easily and easier.]


first of all, londoners are not at home with immigrants. and often feel alienated. for example when my granmother died aged 84 she had lived through the blitz in the east end and never lived outside of london, the last thing she said to me was that she was “sick of the smell of curry in the house”. all her freinds and family who she grew up with had left and the new immigrant community didnt welcome her because she was white. this is a complete mess. and the bnp winning seats only shows that as times get tougher people get desperate and must find solutions unfortunately for immigrant communities people are turning to extreme parties. the other parties havnt helped their situation by the way they have run things either. Britain today is set up in exactly the same way Germany was in 1933, weak, crime-ridden, looking to nostalgic times and no longer proud. unfortunately i think the days of “new labour” and immigration are over


When you becomes educated about history, you realize that no culture remains dominant forever. EVERY major empire has eventually fallen and some entire cultures become extinct. That is the march of time and it its immutable. Why make yourselves miserable about forces that you cannot change. In these times white cultures are becoming less powerful — get used to it. Resistance is futile.


Americans need to establish a party like the BNP

Politicians and special interests are promoting massive immigration. The resulting cultural wars are diluting traditional American values. Under the guise of protecting racial minorities, government laws, programs, and practices discriminate against White Americans in hiring and promotion, in access to loans for business and housing, in college admission and scholarships, and in numerous other ways that affect our lives and livelihoods of White Americans.

God bless the common sense efforts of Nick Griffin and company.

Congratulation to Nick Griffin


Sounds to me like someone closing the barn door after the horses are out. This situation has been around for many years. If you had stopped it twenty years ago, it wouldn’t be such a problem today.


Diversity is a weakness, not a strength. GB needs to be for the British, and this means society has to be put back on track.


It sends shivers down my spine as history is repeating itself in elections reminiscent of the thirties when Hitler was allowed to come to power owing to WEAK governments. For humanity.s sakeplese wake up before it is too late.


Hahahahaha – a red who follows the busted flush of socialist ideology has the temerity to complain about the BNP. Typical. The commies in charge of Britain have wrecked the country, and now are terrified their acts will come to light.

On the issue of BNP anti-Islamism – if Islam is so great, where are the free and open Communist Parties, Trade Union federations, LGBT groups etc in the middle east – or even an honest election? Islam = Hate.


I think that its great that the bnp are getting the recognition they deserve, i,m not a racist i live in a multi-cultural neighbourhood, But i too would like to close the floodgates now and stop anymore immigration. Our country is overflowing now as it is, I have worked all my life and still cant get a house but have to live in a high rise flat, I have been put on a short working week and cant afford to live comfortably, And all around me i see non-british residents in full time employment living in a house driving a nice car, I go to the doctors or hospital and have to wait hours while non english speaking people get dealt with for free and before me, i have to pay why is this justifyable. Next i go onto schools how is it my children are in catholic school and are the only white children amongst somalians asains chinese and west indians, They do not teach RE but have to celebrate eid and diwali i dont want this for my children but who am i to say different after all im just ENGLISH.


I love how they use stock photos for their quotes…..I think they violate the end user agreement from istock too

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