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June 3, 2009
World watches as Tiananmen anniversary approaches

All this week, the world is watching as China tries to ignore the 20th anniversary of the astonishing pro-democracy movement that ended in bloodshed in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

In 1989, China’s government attempted to block reports of its brutal crackdown on the demonstrators. Now, China is once again shutting off access and trying to downplay signs of new civil disobedience.

The Tiananmen Square protests were led largely by young students, and one of their leaders was Shen Tong. He fled his homeland six days after government troops opened fire on the protestors on June 4, 1989 and is now a businessman in New York.

Shen Tong joins Martin Savidge for a look back at the pro-democracy protests and how they have and have not changed China.

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Well he was a former protester so he obviously has a bias. For example using a proxy or tor you can easily get the information on the Tiananmen protests and plenty of people do it, but the internet is censored.


Actually something is true, but something is exaggerated, the point is knowing what is the real life in China now


I really appreciated WorldFocus’ revisit of the 1989 aborted revolution and your interview with Sheng Tong. The western world owes a lot to people like him who will speak the truth and open our eyes.

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