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May 27, 2009
Full Show: May 27, 2009

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. . . On this, my first visit, I had no trouble streaming the entire 2009-05-27 program. Although the audio equaled the PBS TV broadcast show viewed a few minutes earlier, the online video (presumably using Adobe Flash Player 9) had frequent pauses of up to three seconds. I use DSL via Firefox 3.0.10 on Mac OS X 10.4.11, at only 1.33 GHz and 512 MB RAM (because it’s a five-year-old Mac mini with an 80-GB HD).
. . . What more I’d like to see is each show’s topical segments viewable optionslly as separate segments, so if I wanted to link a friend to the segment about Haiti, they wouldn’t have to sit through parts about Pakistan and the D. R. of Korea first. If there were video-progression controls, I could (for example) stop, rewind, and view again, if I wanted to see longer to note the name on the sign of a place in Peru shown for a split second.
. . . I will be looking in the future for more about the struggles of the people in one-time Biafra, the southeastern oil-producing areas of Nigeria, 14 years after Ken Saro-Wira … and similar problems in Amazonian oil-and-gas areas of Ecuador, etc. As for international corporations playing low-bidder games “we’ll take our business elsewhere” among corrupted national leaders and supplier-manufacturers across the developing world… is slavery alive and well in the 21st century, when exploited sweatshop workers are paid pennies-per-hour for Walmart cheap prices in the USA? It’s a race to the bottom for working-class wages! Will Congress declare that no international corporation can do business in the U.S.A. unless it pays overseas workers at least half the wage-level of comparable American workers? Not before we separate Congress from campaign funding by lobbyists! There’s incentive for s few shows to come!


Sorry for the name censoring, but I’m hesitant about giving out names.

For users #1 and #4 I have had solid streaming experience and I watch this show daily. Is it possible that it is your ISP? Or it could be your web browser that you use, I personally use Firefox, but I tested it on IE and Chrome to see if it works to try to help you out, but it works fine on there as well. Could also be malware possibly? I’m not too sure, but it sounds like your service provider is probably the fault of your issue, just throwing it out there.

Also I would like to add that this is a solid objective news program that I promote to many friends and family which I know would appreciate the tip and they have. Keep up the wonderful work worldfocus.


I watch worldfocus on the internet fervently and lately , as Denez Juhasz has noted , the show has been coming in haltingly , which is quite frustrating for the show followers . Could the IT people come in and give us the good quality of streaming of the worldfocus show on the internet that we are so much used to !


Concur with Comment #1; your show will not come up; would love to watch it; please fix and offer again. thanks


Excellent coverage regarding the situation in the deset of Ocucaje.


It has became impossible to watch the show online due to very poor speed. I have been watching the show online for moths, and love it. I watch everything online…but this week your shows are not streaming right. THey get stuck, they run for seconds, then stop, then run, then stop. Currently the 5/27 episode is stuck at 8:37 and I would have to reload the page to get it unstuck…Please fix this issue, because I love watching the show, and for days I have been unable to finish a single episode!

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