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May 26, 2009
North Korea pushes further toward global confrontation

Despite worldwide condemnation of its underground explosion of a nuclear bomb, on Tuesday North Korea pushed itself even further toward confrontation with major world powers. The communist regime of Kim Jong-Il test-fired two short-range missiles from the east coast of North Korea.

South Korea and Japan feel the most immediate threat from these military tests, but the actions also put North Korea on a collision course with the United States, Russia and China, which have been among those trying for years to persuade North Korea to give up any intention of becoming a nuclear power.

Sheila A. Smith, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the threat posed by North Korea, how countries in the region have responded and what comes next.

Read more about Japan’s response from a Worldfocus contributing blogger: Japan powerless to halt North Korea’s nuclear program.


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It is unfortunate that the country insisting on other countries giving up their right to nuclear processes, is the only country to have BOMBED civilians with NUCLEAR weapons. Also that same country has disavowed the World Court’s jurisdiction to condemn their war on Iraq, torture in Abu Ghraib, Unlawful detention in Guantanamo.
People in Glass Houses should not throw stones.

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