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May 19, 2009
Pakistan violence displaces over 1.4 million civilians

United Nations figures show that over 1.45 million people have been displaced by ongoing violence in Pakistan since May 2.

The immense strain of this humanitarian crisis is challenging the Pakistani government as it tries to avoid internal dissent against the consequences of its anti-Taliban military campaign.

The U.S. has pledged more than $100 million dollars in emergency assistance for Pakistan.

Ahmad Kamal, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United Nations, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the situation in the refugee camps and how the military campaign is going.

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[…], an excellent backgrounder on the Swat Valley crisis, with these explanations to set up the video: United Nations figures show […]


Ahmad Kamal is of old school donned in a suit and tie, reminiscent of the British legacy. Though we still have them in the present Pakistani government but the end of their cadre is nearing demise. I have no idea as when Ahmad Kamal last visited Pakistan, and if he ever came out of his luxurious villa or the defence club to walk on the street of his city, but classifying the majority as clean shaven does by no mean signify that they are not religious Muslims. Time and again the polls have shown that over seventy percent are against this war and USA. General public of no country on this planet can win a war against their own army, but I believe the people are desperate and want US out of their land. The division between the pro west and the pro Islamic is brewing and the risk of a civil war is not too far looking at the near chaotic conditions.

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