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May 15, 2009
Week in review: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the pope

Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs magazine and Charles Sennott, executive editor of GlobalPost, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories: The shakeup of U.S. military command in Afghanistan, the growing humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka and the pope’s controversial visit to the Holy Land.




Niila Keshava,

Like the human rights of the approximately 3,000 who died on 9/11, or the human rights of women in Afghanistan under cruel Taliban rule, or the human rights of Israelis dodging offensive rockets hurled their way from Palestinian territory, or even the human rights of suicide bombers pursuaded to “martyr” their very young lives for Allah, while their cowardly handlers look on and continue to enjoy life on earth — a cosmic joke already in progress.


If we forget the human rights of the Tamil, Kurds, Palestinians, Native American Indians, etc., someday some dominate group my forget the human rights of Homo sapiens – would not that be a befitting cosmic joke


It is absurd that US think that they are the best and the perfect and has to save the world. I was pleasantly surprised to hear one out of 2 paneist say that US has no role in the Sri Lankan war.

LTTE is a banned terorrist organization and yet American ( Clinton) as well as Canadian politicians are supporting them, for their vote, to get into power! Same people then talk against Taliban and Al Quida !

How many of you know that tamil people live in all over the Sri Lanka? They can travel freely, without being subjected to harrasment. However sinhala people has not being able to travel to North or East for decades, where the majority has been Tamils.

Please let us take care of our problems. US has enough of its problems to take care of.


On the topic of Sri Lanka, I completely agree with one of the panelists opinion (on Mr. Savage’s show 5/15/07) that the US does not have a role in Sri Lanka. We in the US have our own problems including two wars and related civilian casualties to deal with let alone trying to meddle with the affairs of another nation far away from our shores on the faulty logic of trying to get “leverage”. The fewer LTTE type teror outfits we have on this earth the better it is for all – that is the only leverage we need.

Thanks, SK


I cant believe how much these experts DONT KNOW about the war in Sri Lanka. This is probably why Hilary Clinton said all that non-sense about the IMF loan.

fact 1)The government is on a rescue operation to get civilians out of those conflict zones. The tamil tigers have been prevent civilians leaving the conflict zone by holding them as human shield & firing at them when they try to leave. These are the statements made by cilivians on camera and to ICRC.

2)The IMF loan has nothing to do with politics.

3)It is well known that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign recieved fundting from pro-tamil tiger groups in USA. Which is probably why she is sympathetic to the LTTE (which is a banned terrorist organisation in US, UK, Canada & EU).

4) Being a third world country the Sri Lankan government has done all it can to safe guard and care for those who fled the conflict zone withing the resourced available to them.

5)Many former tamil tiger fighters have been pardoned and sent to rehabilitation including Many child soldiers of the tamil tigers. Some former tamil tiger leaders hold positions in parliament now.

I kindly as to educate its experts on the issues they wish to discuss on theie shows before they make a mockery of them selves by showing their ignorance of world affairs.

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