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May 14, 2009
Morales: U.S. must “restore trust” with Bolivia

Bolivian President Morales has gotten attention around the world because of moves to redistribute wealth from the rich to the indigenous poor. In fact, he is the country’s first popularly-elected indigenous president.

Morales’ policies have won him praise in some circles, but he’s also made some powerful enemies. Recently, his government said he was the target of an assassination plot.

Morales joins Worldfocus’ Ivette Feliciano to discuss the assassination plot, why he chose to expel U.S. Ambassador¬†Philip¬†Goldberg and the future of U.S.-Bolivian relations.¬†

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The USA has blood on its hands with removal of one leftist leader during the Cold War. We have to leave this man alone and let Bolivia move forward. Morales wants the best for the people. Such actions as land reform are necessary if more balance is to be restored in the country. The native people have suffered from day one – let Morales lead. If he makes mistakes it will not be out of meanness or vested interest.

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