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May 5, 2009
Peace deal collapses in Pakistan as fighting intensifies

For weeks now, top Obama administration officials have  been prodding Pakistan’s government to do more to stop the Taliban. In recent days, Pakistan launched an offensive against the Taliban in the Buner region, near the capital city of Islamabad. 

On the eve of a critical meeting in Washington on Wednesday with Barack Obama, the Pakistani government’s ceasefire with the Taliban seemed to be coming to an end as well. After days of fighting between Pakistani troops and Taliban militants in the Buner region, fighting spilled over into the neighboring Swat Valley, as the Taliban declared an end to a three-month-old ceasefire there. Thousands of residents have already fled the violence.

Anthony Cordesman, a former Defense Department official, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the Pakistani government’s efforts and how the Taliban is likely to respond to the new offensive.

Read more from Worldfocus editorial consultant and blogger Peter Eisner: Who’s got the power in Pakistan?

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Dear Reporter

I am not a jew or a muslim.All I know is what I hear or read.And from all accounts it comes down to who has what LAND the other party wants.This goes back thousands of years.They should go back as far as their records will allow .Give each party what they had at that time,destroy their weapons,get rid of their ARMIES and start from scratch.
There will never be any peace in that part of the world until the people stop hating and stop taking advice from scources out side there country.When the citizens want peace bad enough they will have peace.The people will have to say enough is enough.
It can be done if the people want it.The present course has been followed from day one and it has not worked.It is time to make a change.
The way things are going they will destroy each other.Time is running out.


Dear Reporter,
When reporting about the Middle East or any Arab/Muslim issues, you should learn, once and for all, that you should NOT bring a jew as a so-called expert, on your news show.
Regardless who they are, jews are always 100% in favour to what is good for israel. They are all first jews and then whatever else you want to call them…! And, in over 95% of the times, they are israely citizens too!

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