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May 1, 2009
Week in review: H1N1 flu, Cuba and the Taliban in Pakistan

Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs Magazine and Carla Robbins of The New York Times editorial board join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories: H1N1 flu, pressure on Pakistan regarding the Taliban and Fidel Castro’s reaction to his brother’s moves to mend relations with the U.S.

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In 1962, Kennedy imposed the embargo on Cuba after Fidel took $1billion of American property and not because of electoral politics. The government maintains the embargo because the owners of that $1billion of American property(in 1962 dollars) want it and not because of electoral politics. One million Cuban live in Florida and how many of those vote, 200,000. How can 200,000 voters fix an election that has 5 to 6 million voters, well it can’t. Oh yes, the Sore Loser Gore non-election: hey that Sore Loser did not carry his own home state. Sore Loser Gore only had to win his home state to win the election….

I will skip over your show as your facts are not strait…

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