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April 27, 2009
Full Show: April 27, 2009

Find more on the flu threat at PBS Wide Angle’s “Killer Flu,” examining the bird flu outbreak.

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I am afraid I will start another flame war with this comment but it has to be said: Despite my earlier comments warning Worldfocus not to get involved in a highly controversial issue, the broadcast still used biased language when it juxtaposed “China” and “Taiwan” as “two estranged countries.” It is important to note that I do not have a particular agenda to defend; I just want to point out that calling “China” and “Taiwan” two separate countries is sure to inflame emotions and certainly takes away any air of impartiality that your show might want to maintain. I am a fan of Worldfocus, watch it regularly, and would like to make it better. This is why I would like to advise your editors again to please refrain from comparing “China” and “Taiwan”, particularly when the word country is used in the sentence. A much better approach would have been to say “Relations between Mainland China and Taiwan…” and it would have been unbiased. Thanks and hope Worldfocus continues to bring us all that is fresh around the world.


One of the ironies I see in the unfoldment of the current health crisis is, it’s precisely the need for preparedness that’s causing the panic in the street. It’s why health orgs worldwide are preparing for a pandemic – and why the people are thinking in those terms. Thanks for the clarification, and I hope it can spread ahead of the ‘pandemic’.


What happened to the full screen?

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