April 20, 2009
Empty stores, offices tell tale of Latvia’s economic fall

Until the global recession, the former Soviet republic of Latvia was experiencing the kind of growth that some described as miraculous. Now, it has all tumbled down, with unemployment at 14.5 percent.

Worldfocus special correspondent Daljit Dhaliwal and producers Sally Garner and Ara Ayer report on the scope of Latvia’s fall.




When the younger generation of latvians gets rid of the old cronies and their entrenched corruption in politcs, the a true community spirit will emerge and with a valued and ethical social and democratic justice system. Choirs and dances alone will not solve latvija’s problems. Latvians were dominated by rustification and its psyche. Those latvian russians who now feel that loss of sovereignty need to adjust to their new and just soveriegns latvian leaders or return to russia. Some would says this is ‘justice in karma’ for their past inequities against the baltic states.
May latvia become the true spiritual Saules and dzintarzeme that it was… may be again … depending on whether its society divides or unities !



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thank you for this look at latvia. I have relatives there. Just last year they had said everything was great and they came here and now to realize that they spent money which they could have put away for that rainy day is distressing. Thank you again.


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Perhaps it would have been good to mention that the fine firefighter interviewed is, obviously, Russian. Thank you for the program! Of the three Baltic States, Latvia is the most disadvantaged, largely because the history of its most cosmopolitan character – Riga has been known for over a century as Little Paris of the North. During the occupational period, this reputation attracted the heaviest alien influx (very well described by the (Manchester) Guardian some time in the 1960s/70s). Combined with the massive deportations of the native Latvian population, this has resulted in a demographically unbalanced population. While much of the Russian minority (of some 40%+) constitute conscientious citizenry, this “minority” includes some element distintctly criminal in nature as well as politically disruptive. Furthermore, integration needs tolerant understanding at best; temperamentally the Latvian and slavic cultures diverge to the extent of severe clash. It has been said, with justification, a mix of the two selects the worst from both.
Well finally, the Latvian poet Rainis (Janis Plieksans) said it best for all three Baltics: We do not belong to the East and we shall not serve the West.


Re: Erick Andersen

I did a quick search of the name of the company – it’s SIA “Madara Cosmetics”. They have a website as well – http://www.madara-cosmetics.lv/intl/


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