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April 17, 2009
U.S., Japan pledge aid as conditions deteriorate in Pakistan

At an international donors conference in Tokyo, the United States and Japan each pledged $1 billion in aid to Pakistan over the next two years. The economic and political situations in Pakistan have been deteriorating.

The Pakistani government has been making concessions to Taliban militants in the north of the country, in the Swat Valley, for weeks now.

Ahmed Rashid, a leading Pakistani journalist and author of “Descent into Chaos,” joins Martin Savidge for a deeper look at the situation in Pakistan.




[…] has cost Pakistan an estimated $35 billion, and though international donors recently pledged billions to help the country’s deteriorating economy, the unemployment rate is […]


first time i heard a pakistani person give a fair report to world focus news. instead of blaming india (and Kashmir )as root cause of problem. he is right , the authories have capitulated to taliban.he is right that prisident could not make army fight the taliban, (one must remember that Mr Kiyani was head of ISI when plucked by Musarif and probably had his hands bloodied with assistance to taliban and so does not want to act to protect his past deeds) . I belive the biggest province in pakistan is probably Balugistan(by area) rather than Punjab as mentioned by mr Rashid ( Punjab is problay biggest in poppulation I wont be surprised if 5taliban execute spectacular raid across islamabad or lahore similar to vietminh in saigon. this could happen in months


Subroto, you are mad. Pakistanis are sons of the soil of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Frontier. How do you figure you can ship them to Saudi Arabia.

What Pakistan needs is breathing space from the world wanting Pakistan to “do more” whilst financing Pakistan’s operations on the cheap… a meagre few hundred million a year when a few billion are spent in Iraq or Afghanistan with worse results than the Pakistanis achieve. Stop being cheap and then whine about achieving no results.


This was eye opening – when will the US and Japan and Europe understand that any aid to Pakistan will end up in the hands of the Taliban – as the mullah in your show said 95% of the Pakistanis are Muslims and want the sharia and desire the destruction of India at any cost. The only solution is to cleanse the states of Sindh and Panjab of these elements and ship them to Saudi Arabia where they will be quite at home.
– Subroto

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