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April 16, 2009
Former child soldiers, sex slaves recover from Liberia’s war

Worldfocus has chronicled Liberia’s struggles to recover from a bloody civil war that spanned 14 years in the signature series Liberia’s Long Road Back.

Some of the biggest victims of that era were young women who were often taken prisoner and forced to fight, or made into sex slaves. As Worldfocus special correspondent Lynn Sherr and producer Megan Thompson report, many of them are now struggling to recover and struggling to forget.

For more on the rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers, watch PBS Wide Angle’s film on child soldiers in Uganda, “Lord’s Children.”




This outrageous act has happened throughout history, this being one of the more recent examples, but there was also the news of ‘Comfort Women’ in Japan during WW2 who have still not received even an apology from the Japanese Government and like these women deserve justice. This is not right and shouldn’t happen anywhere and something needs to be done about it.


[…] to the family. For more on the issue of rape in Liberia, watch the Worldfocus signature stories “Former child soldiers, sex slaves recover from Liberia’s war” and ”Liberian women occupy front lines of war on sexual violence.” Tania Bernath, a […]


Keep up the good work! How can we contribute to help these brave women?


Thanks to Lynn Sherr and others for making it possible for our victimized sisters and mothers to tell their stories. Ordinarily, these horrible stories would have been cast into the trash can of stimatization and oblivion.

Please continue to release our dear women from the horror of the past, giving them hope for a better future.

Cooper Kweme


Even though I have played a major role in providing vocational schools for these women and girls starting in 2007, this Worldfocus series revealed even more to me how much it means to them to get a vocation and opportunity to start a small business. If you can help us please email or Thank you so much Helen


This program revealed the inhumane treatment of these women by a sadistic leader like Taylor. Hopefully this piece on Liberia will begin to change the hearts and minds of mankind. Programs like this truly educate we the people.


I love these programs. These are very brave women. They had no choice but to survive. I wish the communities in Liberia would comfort and embrace these women. I am presently a parttime worker but I hope I will be able to make a contribution to help these women.

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