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April 16, 2009
Drug violence takes center stage on Obama visit to Mexico

Over the past few years, America’s relationship with Mexico has been a rocky one.  There have been disagreements over trade, immigration, and who is responsible for Mexico’s drug violence. Some in Mexico blame the drug problem on America’s appetite for illegal drugs and its gun laws.

On Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Mexico City to meet with his counterpart, Mexican President Felipe Calderon.  The issue of drug violence quickly took center stage, with the president again promising that the U.S. will do all it can to help Mexico win its war with the drug cartels.

Rodolfo de la Garza of Columbia University joins Martin Savidge to discuss U.S. concerns about Mexico, Mexico’s military strategy and issues relating to the economy and immigration.

For more perspective on Obama’s trip, read Worldfocus editorial consultant Peter Eisner’s analysis: No room for optimism in Mexico’s war on drugs.

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Your report on the Mexican drug wars cleverly tied drugs and guns together as if they were one. Ingeniously it appeared that it was American guns that are somehow the cause of all of the killings and unrest. The implied solution is that if we would only take away all the firearms from Gringos, aka, Americans that would solve the problem.

Ha! Private ownership of guns are illegal in Mexico, thus a lack of self-defense from the drug cartels. So the liberals in this country want to duplicate the Mexican system so that they will be illegal in this country too. Wake up Martin before the First Amendment is destroyed too.


We have learned from the past that walls do not keep people away from the hope of a better life. Remember Berlin? I doubt it, because your ignorance is obviously showing otherwise. The people in Mexico trying to cross through the borders will just find different methods. The money should be spent on education where people like can learn from the past’s mistakes. It makes me sad that a freshman in high school (me, and according to society i am undereducated because i am low income) can see that and william cannot.


remember good fences make neighbors. something farmers have said for years we need no more laws or easy entry until that is fixed


if the mexicans weren’t so greedy for our money they would have secured the border years ago with a wall or fence then immagration or drugs or guns wouldn’t be an issue today

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