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April 15, 2009
Somali pirates target another U.S. ship with grenades

Another American ship came under attack by  Somali pirates on Tuesday, as pirates attacked the Liberty Sun with grenades and automatic weapons. The crew managed to hold them off.

Bronwyn Bruton, an international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins Martin Savidge to discuss Somalia’s onshore instability, American options for dealing with Somalia and how pirates are regarded inside Somalia.

For more on Somalia’s onshore and offshore instability, listen to our online radio show on lawlessness in Somalia

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We have to get those hostages out of there before we can do anything dramatic. On the other hand, just suppose pirate ships would go to sea and never return. How long would it be before he pirates were afraid to go to sea? The key here is an international news blackout on what happened to them. It wouldn’t be the first time bad people had “disappeared.”


And now the Obama administration is faced with an even bigger problem. The pirates hold the trump card of 200+ hostages. They will use that as leverage against any attack on their homeland.

In any hostage situation diplomacy is always the first option with the objective always to be the release of the hostages alive and undamaged.

There is going to have to be some sort of nation building or it will become a natural vacuum for the international terrorist network to fill.

That’s why you won’t see a classic invasion with S&D objectives. You also won’t see the myriad of SPECOPS assets reaching into the Somali heartland.


The Original Ideal concerning these pirates
could have been to create a Geometrically Coordinated Culture [interlinking (/-locking)
at various places and parallel points with a properly tiered and structured regional understanding of the need for some Form of properly working Government] necessary for the region yet maintained within the parameters of philosophical thought and region-specific culture [as defined in the historical context of the specific country] in which they [the pirates] would never have been so likely and so easily enabled to do what they are doing now…thereby creating, by negation, no environment where any such activity would have ever been felt necessary to be enacted.
Now? the Ideal could be to recreate, again by negation (or, substraction from What-Is to produce What-Is-Not-Yet): an entire subterranean series of subcultures (within the boundaries of the regions now underlying the lack of any coordinated geometry in what is now ongoing) which would parallel the better workings of the internal structures of a country which would be far less subjected to current falsely conceived ideologies of lawlessness which will not so easily interpret themselves into Current more visible Systems based only on preconceived notions about other countries and often misinformed opinions of the World along with tired speculations that have not been established on the clear guidance of pure manifest theologico-political Thought (‘theological’ because if any human loses all sense of any truth-values concerning some sense of innate worth and purpose…that human’s ‘theologico-political’ methodologies also will be rendered into concious an amoral/immoral terminologies and be perceived as visibly askew…and ‘political’ because working Political Infrastructure provides the possible substratum for the true Foundation for the processing and procedures [laws, treaties, etc.] concerning current understandings of the functionings of human governance and governments and how the government influences
[or does not influence] a country (in various ways) in the underlying subterranean philosophy which governs the more primordial aspects of our daily lives) while using as applications: the interlinear imagery of internal/external manuscripts textuallizing old (inter) national theoretical issues which may test newly
(multi-) nationally layered Ideas necessarily involved in the changing parameters of true geometrically pragmatic thinking and utility.


The Trojan War was definately durring the age of Greece-ever heard of the Oddesy? In other news, Urbaq-whats wrong with wanting to fix a country. Also why does everyone make such a big deal about the pirates as theyre barely more than an annoyance-do they really pose a nat. security threat??? Go north a country or two to Eritria and you’ll find much worse people who deserve more attention. What about ethiopia ousting NGOs? Zaire…? these pirates are mosquitos compared to the more serious problems in the world.


After watching Bronwyn preface her comments by telling Americans they don’t understand such complex issues, it is no surprise her assessment is academic and irrelevant. Her solution? Have America bring economic and social success to Somalia? THAT’S her solution? Really. I mean, for goodness sake. That makes about as much sense as the pirate plan espoused by previous commenter “Justin,” whose erroneous knowledge of history has the Romans battling at Troy.

Just goes to show that the educated(Bronwyn) and un-educated(Justin) are both equally prone to bad prognosticating.


The simple solution, from my blog

Solutions for this problem make me think back to the Roman Empire, a Trojan horse. Have Marines charter a very attractive vessel, such as a slow moving oil tanker. Travel up and down the coast in waiting, and wait to be attacked. There would be nothing more pleasing to me to see a small group of pirates on board a ship only to find several hundred armed marines below deck. Those not killed should be locked up. The pirates boats and munitions seized. When the tactic gets old and less effective the marines should just switch to another ship or type of ship.

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