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April 14, 2009
Iran and U.S. move closer to nuclear negotiations

Iran has been showing signs that it is willing to join talks with the United States and other powers on its nuclear program.

To get Iran to come to the negotiating table, the United States is proposing a shift in strategy, which was first reported on Tuesday by The New York Times. While the ultimate goal of getting Iran to suspend its nuclear enrichment program has not changed, the U.S. and its allies are preparing some interim proposals — including possibly dropping the requirement that Tehran shut down its nuclear facilities during the early phases of negotiations.

David Sanger, the New York Times chief Washington correspondent, joins Martin Savidge to discuss resistance to this strategy from Israel or from friendly Arab states, dangers and benefits of the policy and how North Korea’s resistance to talks will impact the Obama administration. 

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The growing hopes of US-Iran direct talks_ on nuclear issue would certainly pave the way for rapprochement between Washington and Tehran- that would be hailed as a good omen for international peace.

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