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April 13, 2009
Piracy threat lurks after rescue of American ship captain

After the rescue of an American ship captain by U.S. Navy special forces, President Barack Obama said the pirate threat must be halted.

The American use of military force brought a response from the pirates on land. In a phone call with the Associated Press, one pirate vowed revenge, saying “From now on if we capture foreign ships and their countries try to attack us, we will kill the hostages.”

A spokesman for the Navy admitted that killing pirates during the rescue of Captain Phillips may “escalate violence” in the busy shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean.

Until now, the pirates have released hostages unharmed — a Norwegian tanker sailed free on Monday after reports that a $2.5 million dollar ransom was paid. But Somali pirates are still holding as many as 300 hostages on more than a dozen ships, and over the weekend they seized an Italian tugboat with a crew of 16.

Barry Parker, a writer and a maritime consultant, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the continuing piracy problem and what can be done about it.

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[…] protect his ship from Somali pirates — inspired many of us. We followed the drama and his daring rescue. For days, network news programs tracked the crew’s return and swarmed to exclusively interview […]


Train and arm the ships as armed merchantmen and start armed convoys, all as in WWII. Look for and sink the “mother ships” with airplanes (P3 Orion)


It is interesting that the story here is about the piracy, yet what is the main story, the fact behind the piracy? The fact that the media is clearly overlooking for whatever the reason. Is it about the eco-terror that multinational corporations, which illegeally dump chemicals as well as massive oil spills from the very tankers and ships that these pirates, once fishermen, are now forced to commandeer, thus turning to this life of disgrace; this form of survival that is in their eyes force by the ravagers’ of their environment. Will we hear their true stories, even someone of very limited understanding in this affair can clearly ascertain that these men risking much more in attacking a vessels 100 time that their own are reduced to this affair by some reason other than the very evil that beseeches their world…. chemicals and massive oil spills that are not cleaned up from these shipping lanes that kill the natural environment, thus the livelyhood of these men… Not to say that everyone involved is pure, much like the story of these multinational shipping companies… be clear about bothsides….

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