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April 9, 2009
U.S. captain still held hostage by Somali pirates

Hundreds of miles off the east coast of Africa, U.S. Captain Richard Phillips was still being held on Thursday in a lifeboat by four Somali pirates. FBI hostage negotiators joined the efforts to free the 55-year-old who was taken after pirates boarded his cargo ship delivering food to refugees in east Africa.

The shipping company says that all 20 other crew members are now safe, but the incident is yet another foreign policy headache for President Barack Obama, who declined to comment directly on the issue on Thursday afternoon. Despite growing international patrols, pirate attacks are on the rise this month.

Barry Parker, a writer and a maritime consultant, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the pirates’ operation, how best to patrol the ocean off Somalia and whether a show of force would deter pirates.




Obama will apologize for american arrogance. He will bow and beg for forgiveness, then quickly give them their ramson from some stimulus money in the form of scholarships or illegal alien amnesty.


Mr. Parker’s command of the subject is indeed impressive. Excellent choice!


Wow, you got the right guy to explain this…barry parker is the best to talk about this issue and knows it all. He’s great.

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