April 7, 2009
Estonia becomes E-stonia with digital revolution

A digital revolution is turning the tiny European nation of Estonia into a nation of Internet innovators. Estonians have put their digital identities onto their national identification cards, and much more.

As Worldfocus correspondent Daljit Dhaliwal and producers Sally Garner and Ara Ayer report, Estonia is quickly becoming E-stonia.

Watch an extended interview: Estonia’s Internet guru Linnar Viik shares cyber strategy.




This was a most interesting program last night, and I’m glad I can watch it online as well, to catch all the details. I very much appreciate that everything works for the people, as opposed to the people doing all the work. I didn’t realize that last night’s program was a re-broadcast; I’m trying to figure out how I missed the original. The one distressing part is that the unemployment figure has gone up from 8% to 13%; it would be nice if that could be improved upon as well. I’m also pleased that I discovered The Singing Revolution DVD at our library recently; this will tie in quite nicely. Thank you, World Focus, for an interesting program.


[…] video šeit. Nemaz neuznāk dusmas un besis. Un nerodas neviena asociatīva doma par e-talonu. […]


[…] Signature Story Estonia becomes E-stonia with digital revolution showcases the innovative technologies affecting everyday Estonian […]


From hapless USSR to real Big Brother in just 20 years! What an achievement!


Indeed, not many people know about this can-do country, but there is good information available in English. One of the best books explaining the country’s recent history is “Carrying Linda Stones: An Anthology of Estonian Women’s Life Stories”. These stories tell of life during World War II and the occupations that ended in 1991. The recovery has been remarkable.


Now that’s what I call progress! Once again, Estonia is ahead of the curve in developing and implementing innovative technology, including Skype… Of course, Estonia has come a long way forward in a very short time following more than 50 years of illegal Soviet occupation… Anyone who wants to know more should check out the acclaimed, award-winning, and most successful independently released US feature film of 2008, “The Singing Revolution,” available at http://www.singingrevolution.com
After watching this absolutely riveting documentary, everyone will understand exactly why Estonia’s progress is so remarkable, and almost miraculous, given its recent history…

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