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April 3, 2009
Week in review: G-20 summit, talks with Russia and Iran

Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Carla Robbins, deputy editorial page editor of The New York Times, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories: The G-20 summit meeting,  the meeting between President Obama and his Russian counterpart and whether Iran and the U.S. actually talked this week or not.

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I used to watch the BBC, and after a while this became very tiresome considering their many biases. Now I have been watching World Focus and although I like hearing more about international news it is getiing very tiresome….real fast…….with Carla Robbins Bush bashing. Do you think she along with numerous other “so called experts” they will ever get beyond the Iraq War which never gets mentoned in the same sentence with success.With the likes of Carla I can easily understand why the NY Times is going under.


I watch your news for few years now. Overall, I like your station, but I think your coverage for some reason is always biased against Russia. Take these comments of Haass suggesting that Russia (he say “russian bear”, which is rude) is becoming friendly because price for oil going down. This is complete lie, because Russia did not change its behavior, and it was always open for dialog. The one who change its behavior is actually the USA! Please stop anti-Russian propoganda.

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