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April 3, 2009
NATO looks toward Afghanistan as it turns 60

Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of NATO — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — was born with the signing of an agreement in Washington, D.C. As the war in Afghanistan intensifies, the leaders of NATO gathered today for an anniversary summit in Strasbourg, France, and across the border in the German town of Kehl.

Kimberly Marten, chair of the political science department at Barnard College, Columbia University, joins Martin Savidge to discuss NATO’s 60th anniversary and the roles of American and other forces in the expanding war in Afghanistan.

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Yay professor Marten! The most engaging and interesting polisci professor at Columbia!


Support the territorial integrity of Georgia!


Yay, Professor Marten! She taught me everything I know about Afghanistan and Pakistan and of course, Russia….


Whoohoo Prof Marten!



I’m doing research on terrorism, and I’ve put together a pre-survey questionnaire that I’m circulating in order to get feedback on what a non-biased (non-western, white, male) survey might look like. The final survey will go out later this year.

The survey can be accessed at

Would you post it, and possibly circulate it? I’m very interested in incorporating the views of women, non-whites, and people living outside of America and Western Europe.

I’d appreciate it.

Take care,

John Maszka

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