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March 27, 2009
Week in review: Clinton in Mexico, Israel and the Taliban

Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs magazine and  Deborah Amos, long-time foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Mexico, Israel’s new government and prospects for peace and a troubling new report on ties between Pakistan’s intelligence services and the Taliban.

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Dear World Focus,

There it was again, on Friday night, Martin Savidge asked the perennial question again: what will a Netanyahu government mean for the peace process? He talked of Israel’s shift to the
right. It is to the credit of the panelists Ms. Amos and Mr. Rose, that they gently pointed out the falsity of this oversimplification.

Would it matter if Tzipi Livni or the Dalai Lama were Prime Minister of Israel? The Palestinian Authority, let alone Hamas, would still proceed on its goal of deligitimizing and dismantling Israel.

To blame Israel, while ignoring 60 years of Arab rejectionism, only further hinders peace
efforts. In particular, the Palestinian Authority has stuck to every hardline position of
Yasser Arafat. Notably, it demands resettlement of Arab refugees in pre-1967 Israel, not
the West Bank. The US and Israel and much of the EU suggest the West bank. This denies
the rights of a similar number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands. It sidesteps Arab
responsibility for starting the wars that caused both refugee issues.

For decades, Israelis have tried territorial concessions, apologies, and mea culpas. They
have have been expected to ignore the virulent threats expressed constantly by all
members of the Arab League. They have succumbed to international pressure. All this has
brought is more extremism and more attacks. If there is ever to be peace in the Middle
East, the world should stop one-sided pressure on Israel, and demand equal concessions
from the Arab world, especially an end to incitement.

If you saw the television from your neighbors that constantly called for your
destruction, and called you sons of monkeys and pigs, and glorified every suicide attack
on you; If you had neighbors that tried constantly to militarily attack you, and to
isolate and deligitimize you in every international forum, while expecting you to
continue making concessions, would that not give you cause for concern?

How long will it take Mr. Savidge to ask” “what does 60 years of Arab rejectionism and
ongoing incitement, indoctrination, and political warfare mean for peace?”.


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