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March 26, 2009
Pakistan’s military connected to militants in Afghanistan

The New York Times has reported that “The Taliban’s widening campaign…is made possible in part by direct support from operatives in Pakistan’s military intelligence agency.” This claim contradicts the Pakistani government’s promise to break all ties with militant groups in Afghanistan.

To look more closely at these controversial claims, Worldfocus speaks with the author of the report, Mark Mazzetti, the national security correspondent for The New York Times.

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Union of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Only solution to present problem of Instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan is in the Union of Afghanistan and Pakistan, based on the basics principles of Democracy in which Government should be composed of representatives of all sections of society and regions, No one will be dominant to each other, and that country will be easily governable by Government, In history Durani Empire was composed of all areas in which today Pakistan and Afghanistan are located, During Mughal Empire both Afghanistan and Pakistan were a single country, During initial period of British Empire they were also same country, During British Empire, some vested interest forces kept at distance to both these lands from each other , Due to which borders between these two countries have become hiding place for criminals of both countries and theft automobiles and others stolen assets are stored in this region, this large uncontrollable region is basis of many evils , Narcotics are grown in these areas ,and addiction of which is destroying youths and humanity and due to poverty and non development, people are going towards extremism and militancy, Union of both countries will make the single government of this region more responsible in stabilizing the region and in satisfying the nationalistic pride of people and people will be able to serve humanity as other large nations of world are serving the humanity, other wise this region will always remain as a nuisance for world, as this region already has destroyed Soviet Union it may also take down to western world which will be a great blow to development of Science and Technology specially Medical science.

Advantages to world.
Control of Terrorism:
Instability in this region is causing great damage to humanity, soldiers of USA and NATO are sacrificing their lives just to eliminate Terrorists from these countries, while by unification it will become sole responsibility of the people and government of unified nation to control terrorists and it will be more convenient for that government to administer as there will be unity in chain of command.

Control of Extremism:
As unified nation will be composed of multiethnic groups such as Punjabies,Sindhies,Baloachs, Pukhtoons,Urdu speakers,Tajiks, Persians and Hazaras and will be composed of multisectarian society such as Sunni and Shiites it will become impossible for any ethnic group or religious sect to find any future in extremism

Stabilization of Region:
Although now a days in this region there is problem of terrorism but infact from a long time (about 50 years) this region is suffering from instability, reason is that people of this region are finding no hope and future for themselves due to division of this region and interference of large nations such as Soviet Union, USA, China and India but when the people of this region were unified at the time of Durani Empire this region was stable and same was case during Mughal Empire..
As there are three main groups in Asia i.e. Chinese, Hindues and Muslims. Chinese and Hindues are satisfied with their Dominion states of China and India, but as there is no large state of Muslims in Asia while their numerical population is greater than Chinese and Hindues, therefore Muslims are suffering from distress which is causing instability and irritation in common Muslims, therefore by creation of a unified state of Pakistan and Afghanistan a sense of satisfaction and respect with the existence of a national state will be achieved

Solution to Economic Problems.
At present both countries are burden on other countries and in fact are a barrier in exploring the resources of Central Asia by world. After stabilization it will be useful for not only for Central Asia and World but also for the new unified nation itself

Advantages to Pakistan:
It was the vision of Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam to unify region of West Pakistan with Afghanistan and East Pakistan with Malysia and Indonesia and that is still the need of time.
• By unification with Afghanistan, areas which are included in Pakistan will be stabilized, and migration of people from disturbed areas will be stopped,
• Law and order situation due to smuggling of weapons from Afghanistan will come to an end.
• Similarly illicit drug trade will be minimized.
• Whole areas of Pukhtoons speaking population will become unified and which will be helpful for development of culture and language of that group which is now divided in two nations.
• Security measures expenses on borders will be minimized which may be used for welfare of people.
• Interference of other nations in this region will be stopped.
• Due to historical and unique region and having importance for Buddhism and Hindues religion, tourism industry will be flourished and business activity in the region will be increased,

Advantages to Afghanistan:
• By unification status of Afghanistan as land lock country will come to an end, and Union will increase the freedom of people of Afghanistan for travel and economic activity,
• Extremism and terrorism will come to and end, as the people will become more engaged and involved in adjusting themselves in new union. it will increase the utilization of raw products of Afghanistan ,
• Security and military expenses will be minimized,
• Doors of job for people of Afghanistan in Pakistan will opened ,the desire of unification of people of Afghanistan with people of Pakistan will be fulfilled.
• Shortage of food products in Afghanistan will be decreased and it will increase the utilization of raw products of Afghanistan in the region.
• Due to linkage of central Asia via Afghanistan, will cause extraordinary development in the whole region.

From all above points it is clear that unification of Pakistan and Afghanistan will be fruitful for every one and for world at large by each and every angle.

Written By:
Baldia Town,Karachi.Pakistan.


When the then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 Pakistan’s interservice agency went through a process of gathering radical Muslims from around the world to fight against the Soviets. There are extremist Islamic fundmentalist that exist inside Pakistan that do not want or desire a strong American or UN presence in the region and from their perspective see the United States as a mortal and direct threat; and that through these elements there is a pipeline of money and resources besides the opium trade funding Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Just as the case with the Russian’s Pakistan’s interservice agency is the direct link with the Taliban by embarking on a policy of establislhing agreements for the sake of its own security and at the same time misleading the United States.


Well I must say this is a big drama between Pakistani Government and Americans.This region had the same illiterate people few years back as well but y they were not hostile?why they were not fanatics?and why there were no religious madrassas in abundance before?.why they were living fine with every deprivation?.Americans and Pakistani Gov is supporting all this non sense and funding Madrassas to increase this violence.They want to create a situation where every person in the world will start believing that its not in the control of Pakistani Gov,so now external forces should involve.And who are external forces,those are Americans who have basis in Pakistan and they are after this whole region since long.Gas pipe lines and other natural resources are good attraction for them to cause such a disaster in this whole region.Why the hell they would be giving billions and billions of dollars to Pakistani Gov?.what for?Only to create such situation.
Who created Talibans?.what for?.and is this possible that in any Government the law and order situation gets so bad and totally destroyed?.If Gov truly want what is impossible to control?Can u tell me is the number of those groups are bigger then Governmental and Americans support?…is the number of those terrorist is bigger then the whole world support and forces?… they have more ammunition then the guns and power of America ,Pakistan and all world forces?no please No…but the truth is that they want to show the world that situation is so bad that they cant really control.This whole Alqaeda drama and Osama gangster drama is going on since long just to make people fool.Its a game of power and money,Americans and Pakistani traitors are using both for creating this whole drama.I must say people who are not from that region,who dont know that area,who have never been there,who r not from that culture,not from that part,they can only think what the media make them think and they cant think beyond certain levels.


I beleive the Pakastani gov. has everyone snowed!
I think its time we quit funding both sides of the
War!It’s a lose/lose situation!!!!!!


i want to joined pakistan isi


mr Mark mazzetti comments are welcome. the theme is the same that everyone now and then written about pakistans duplicity. trying to look otherway when isi operatives(S wing or some other branch) indulge in helping taliban and indirectly(who knows ) even alqueda.this has been going on for years and written about on andon for years with slight variations.unless usa puts its foot down hard on military ( by infernce ) the isi the war will drag on.stop pakistan from helping taliban and alqueda by 100 percent countless american and nato and afghans will continue to die slow and come every one goes on harping that higherup in army commandincluding mr Kayaniare unawareof the shenanigansdone by ISI.


Ouch,Mr. Nat Robertson. You said, “since THE time of the Vedas – 30-40 Thousand years ago where Ashrams of MANY Hindu Sages of those times lived and guided the Hindu Dharma, where sacred Hindu Rivers still flow….”
Yes, Afghanistan was part of the Vedic culture (maybe 9,000 years ago – not 30-40! Hindu Dharma? Since when is there a Hindu Dharma? Dharma stands for universal cardinal human value – not Hindu, Christian or other “narrow interpretation of morality” – morality is base on compassion for all life – not just the life of the local group!
“Sacred Hindu Rivers”? If the rivers are so Sacred, then why have not the fish gotten liberation? All rivers are sacred, i.e., there is not a Holy Land – all land is sacred. This is the basis of morality – the respect given to all life and the natural world. There is nothing supernatural about it – other that it is a transform state of consciousness – Parama Purusa as your scriptures say.

So, why is Taliban/Al-Qaida so friendly? Simple: a share ideology. They have theirs, the Hindus have theirs, the Christians have theirs, etc. It goes on like that because there are differences in the various scriptures of each group. Each has its own idea of a Holy Land. It would seem that this so-called holy land is a land of fools!

The good news is that the drama of human folly must prevent the universe from being too boring for the cosmic witnessing entity.


Neil P.


Pakistan has been playing the FOOLISH world like a Fiddle for decades and decades – SINCE THE 1960’S in order to usurp more Afghani(for the Chinese) and Indian (for themselves and the Chinese – see part of POK “given” as present and foothold to China ) lands. They have NEVER, EVER, been content with thousands of times larger than needed by their 1947 projected or today’s projected populace – Indian lands renamed as Pakistan and given to the 1947 Muslims to PEACEFULY cultivate, grow and be at PEACE – but alas the culture – India gave them India’s HEARTlands of Punjab and Saraswati Civilization Valley (some of the Holiest of Hindu lands – That “Civilization” was named and existed by the name of the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati – since THE time of the Vedas – 30-40 Thousand years ago where Ashrams of MANY Hindu Sages of those times lived and guided the Hindu Dharma, where sacred Hindu Rivers still flow and many in shame have disappeared, etc.) NEVER EVER satisfied, they, Pakistanis, have TERRORIZED to this day after having attacked India for more land and occupying POK Indian lands – and they still ALWAYS want more … with the GUISE of KASHMIRIS wanting it – when it is really they who want it and over and over have decimated and mongrelized Kashmir by massacring and terrorizing Kasmiris since 1947 so that today they can have the cowered populace and violence corrupted Muslims of Kashmir – once the MOST PEACEFUL lands in India – now MADE as festering as Pakistan itself – just as they the ISI are attempting at both ends – Afghanistan and India by TOTALLY DEPLOYING these terrorists – else what happened to the ISI BOAST – that a mouse can not enter Pakistan without they, ISI, knowing of it – THESE ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH, A WHOLESALE ARMS TRADE IN ITSELF – VEHICLES, MISSILES, BOMBS, ALL THE LOGISTICS AND INTELIGENCE, CROSS COUNTRY AND ACCROSS BOARDER CROSSING SUPPORT – … their wet dreams to even take over ALL of INDIA – even if it takes decades – driven by the pervasive venom and AVARICE in the blood –

So, ISI agents and Maoist Trojans have been ABSOLUTELY been established in concert with China – to help ferret Afghanistan away, Bhutan away, Nepal away, … The axis of Dawood-Lashkar-E-Taiba (LET)- ISI is ABSOLUTE. China OBJECTED at UNO to freezing funds of the “certified” TERRORISTS LET as they, China in Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan (and others) accounts, would have been discovered as part of the AXIS.

AFGHANISTAN is a HUGE part of ISI efforts – lost during the 9/11 – and slowly meanderingly slowly AFTER having sapped the winds out of the world’s sails – are returning to Taliban/Al-Qaida ends in Afghanistan, L-E-T/ISI WIDE OPEN Daytime test of the people’s wills by “practicing” at Mumbai Massacre … having proven NO ROBUST response from India or the WORLD – opened the front AGAIN in Kashmir – the current “WAR & MASSACRE raids” going on in Kashmir by ISI-LET gang with tacit Chinese agenda involved going VERY well … including 200 Mile Territorial Claim test … AGAIN – in order to Land-Grab Taiwan, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other lands.


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