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March 25, 2009
Once a magnet for immigrants, Spain’s jobs are vanishing

For years, Spain’s economy soared and immigrants poured into the country from Africa, Eastern Europe and even South America. It was a land of opportunity — but no longer. Many jobs have vanished, but the immigrants have stayed. Many of them, especially those selling goods on the street, are under growing attack.

Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports from Spain.

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#8, America was builded by and for the immigrants. Spain and rest of Europe is complately different story. why dont they go to Russia? there is a plenty of opportunities for them, russians loves that kindof people (africans, mexicans, etc.) and, furthermore, in the russia is not enough workers.


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very good reporting


In this piece, as in others, it can be seen that though jobs worldwide are, in different planes and areas of cognitive location, scarce…the varied languages being spoken are not serving as collateral for any Unity but are acting as representatively aspected damages of deep subconcious and concious Fragmentations of the Whole which outwardly has the effect of further decomposing the Body of the Current World Situation.


The fragmented languages only are only symptomatic Symbols of more deeply layered Fragmentations of Inadequacies in Thought…
which, while seeking and occasionally finding areas of expressions in processes and externalizations of Adequate Thought, will still act as Factors of continuing Decomposition upon the Body of Humanity and of the Whole Earth…which may, by analogy, destroy some aspects of the Current Body but still allow the Soul of the former Body to live on…on different Cognitive Planes.

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