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March 20, 2009
Worldfocus is different thanks to you…

Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge writes that thanks to you, your e-mails and comments, Worldfocus has been able to shed light on important international issues that are seldom covered. Join in on the conversation.


Click to listen: Online radio show on the Baha’i faith and modern Iran.

Tuesday night is radio night round here — BlogTalkRadio. This past week we spent a half hour discussing the case of seven Iranian members of the Ba’hai faith who have been arrested by the Iranian government for allegedly spying for Israel.

It’s of course a legitimate story for Worldfocus, and it’s also a perfect example of how we want to make this show different from typical news programs. The difference is you.

This story was first brought to my attention by a viewer.  We ask for your comments usually at the end of the newscast and — perhaps surprising to some of you — we actually read all of them.

Shedding light on injustices around the world is of course a major goal of journalism, but such stories are increasingly seldom seen in the U.S. as domestic networks reduce their international staff and coverage.  After reading the viewer’s e-mail, this story seemed very much a case of religious persecution. We reached out to our partners and found that ITN had actually done a report from Tehran, which was the piece that made it on to our program.

After that piece aired, we had a huge influx of email about it. It was that interest that prompted us to spend more time and go deeper on the issue with our online radio program. Both the communication from you and the radio program are possible because of the new technologies we’re experimenting with online.

We knew from the outset that our broadcast is really only a one-way form of communication. We talk to you. is just as vital because it allows you to talk to us. What you liked or didn’t and what you think deserves to be covered. The site is also a way for you to read what people all over the world are saying about the international issues that impact all of us. You can join the conversation.

That has also been one of the core hopes of Worldfocus, to provide international insight to people that in turn sparks their thinking and a desire to know more. Then we hope you’ll come to our Web site, which is sort of an international watering hole to connect with other people from all around the globe and talk with them. We encourage you to share information or stories from our program with friends on the Web.

Which is another reason you are so important to Worldfocus. All of our budget goes into gathering news. We don’t have a promotions department or even a budget for such — so one last favor you can do for us. If you like Worldfocus…tell someone.

– Martin Savidge

Join in on the conversation by posting your comments below or Talk to US by submitting a video of your views.

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WorldFocus is definitely one of my favorite news shows- this and the NewsHour. But I especially like how love how you are using social media to report and cover stories.


Hello Martin,
I truly enjoy World Focus – there is no spin, no hype, no slanted, biased views or opinions.
It’s straight and to the point. I have listened to many broadcasts and read world news since 1950 – yours is very informative, educational, comprehensive and enlightening. Keep up the good work, everyone should listen to World Focus.

All the Best to you and staff.


Dear Martin: I believe that the Friday round table discussions can be improved and strengthened by inviting regional experts rather than focusing all the time on the same who seem to have a uniform look on many issues. It is worth focusing each week on one or two regions and invite known experts on the subject. This allows for more depth and better understanding


Worldfocus is a great world forum. Thanks again.


Martin, it has been both a pleasure and an inspiration to discover the World Forum broadcast. We are beginning to understand that human civilization is at a crossroad. The future direction is not only in the hands of those who would exploit and regress society, but also in the hands of those who can educate and keep a keen eye on injustice in all its forms. I am an optimist to the core; however, I know that this drama will bring many tears. I feel the first rays of a new dawn. Thank you again for fighting the good fight and helping lead us to a new day, where all people will feel their innate fraternity and put that inspiration into actions of service to the society as good citizens of this world.
There is an old song Sanskrit song that translates as:

“Let us move together, let us sing together,
Let us come to know our minds together.
Let us share, like sages of the past, that
All people together may enjoy the universe.
Unite our intentions, let our hearts be inseparable.
Our minds are as one mind, as we, to
Truly know one another, become one”.

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