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March 18, 2009
Obama considers widenening Taliban strikes in Pakistan

There are reports that the Obama administration is considering widening the war against militants based in Pakistan. According to the New York Times, the White House may expand American missile attacks in Pakistan “to include a major insurgent sanctuary in and around the city Quetta.”

David Sanger, the New York Times chief Washington correspondent and one of the authors of the article, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the plan and whether expanding the war could further destabilize the government of Pakistani President Zardari.

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Mr. Alden, you say, “do you have concrete plans to remedy situations Bush could have prevented while in office?”

Yes, start with bringig quick justice for Palestine. If we cannot do that we cannot move forward. If we cannot do that, we have lost both our moral standig and our status as a humane society.


China is a big player. Its future is affecting our future in many seen and unseen ways.

The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of this earth, but also of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together will have to be admitted one day by humanity.


It is too bad that our good President Obama will have to spend a lot of time cleaning up the 8 year mess that George W. Bush did make in ALL areas of office. By the way, for those complaining, do you have concrete plans to remedy situations Bush could have prevented while in office?


I feel that the use of strikes deeper into Pakistan will increase religious and nationalistic reactions against us.

For example, I am from metro Atlanta town called Smryna (some say it is an word for “So Many Young Rednecks Near Atlanta). During the Civil War, if Sherman had used aircraft to fire a missile into a church in downtown Atlanta to kill the Smyrna rebels hiding there, it would have caused a row among the folks in Atlanta and all of Georgia.

It looks like we will have to fight the Taliban and the Rednecks on the battlefield of their choosing.

If the USA had any moral courage to use force were it is really needed, the president of Sudan would be history and we would saved the world court some inconvenience.

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