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March 12, 2009
Hong Kong’s mass transit system rides to prosperity

New mass transit systems in mainland China, India and the United Kingdom have at least one thing in common: They all came to Hong Kong to study its example of good business combined with public service.

Hong Kong’s mass transit rail system (MTR) became a public-private enterprise in 2005 and today has more private shareholders than any company on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Worldfocus correspondent Dave Marash reports from Hong Kong on how the MTR has changed society.

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He would do a piece like this. Stop call the passengers, “customers.” It is a good story. I want to see transit as public service, not a social service.


Great video but I’d suggest finding a different codec for displaying it. It performs very poorly and doesn’t display the buffer time.


I am very very happy to see Dave and hear his voice again on the video. He is a perfect journalist and a perfect man. Best wishes.


great reporting. maybe the new york city transit system can learn something

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