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March 11, 2009
From pop culture to Obama, how Cubans see the U.S.

For 47 years, the United States has imposed a trade embargo against communist Cuba.

But as Worldfocus special correspondent Peter Eisner and producer Ara Ayer report, despite years of ill will between the U.S. and Cuban governments, many Cubans still have fond feelings for America — and look forward to changing relations under U.S. President Barack Obama.

Also, listen to our radio show exploring the roots of U.S.-Cuban relations and potential changes under President Barack Obama.

For another look inside Cuba, go inside Cuba’s boxing rings with PBS Wide Angle’s “Victory is Your Duty.”

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Shall we sing, even now:
of Times long past and of
Nights and Days gone by?
while we search for, find and
make use of a better loftier yet
more Human Choral Music inspired by the present
positions of the Stars above? Just as Notes,
in Divine Themes, are as often presented in Life
as Geometrically Displayed Propositions in
endless Counterpoints upon the Laws of the
Lines of some inner Musical Score which prove
to be but Invisible Guidelines to all the
Timed and Measured Regions of that Universe
within our Human Bodies as upon the Earth itself?

Shall we not note again the True Inner Natures
of The Treble And Bass Clefs within Ourselves
just as in the Galaxies themselves, upon which turn all the Harmonies and Melodies of Eternal Music in Spiralling Evolvings the Voices of Eternity serenade Time in most lovely Variations Of Tonalities? where Love itself might at last be discovered to have been found to be
residing…even in those furthest Regions of the Universe only to reflect a more Infinite Music back to us here upon these…Ruins Awaiting
To Be Rebuilt: our Lives upon Earth?!


I can see that the top cuban high school is still producing top students as 30 years ago, besides the difficult economic situation Cuba is living as a developing country and under the embargo. I can not wait to observe US top high schools with such profile, and I hope that our current US government with its department of education, takes the corresponding educational measures to bring U.S. back to the top educational level that corresponds to a superpower. Congratulations to the cuabn educators, keep it up!

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