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March 11, 2009
China shirks human rights promises during Olympics

Prior to last summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing, Chinese officials announced a program to allow public demonstrations. All that was needed, Chinese officials said then, was to submit an application.

However, China never approved a single one of those applications. In fact, some of the citizens who had tried to apply for the permits were harassed or detained.

Minky Worden of Human Rights Watch, who edited a book about the Olympics and human rights in China, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the international community’s pressure on China, human rights in China since the Olympics and how the economic downturn is impacting the country’s human rights.

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I believe Minky Worden only has the eyes look at some other people/country problem, she should spend more time look into her own country’s human right problems. If she is really having nothing to do in her life.


I would like to express my gratitude to Minky Worden for her clear-headed insights and courageous stand for the Tibetans. I feel that we humans tend to sit on the sidelines and not react when faced with injustice. When people like Minky stand up and speak up, it gives us all inspiration and courage to follow in her example.
It is not an easy job to be fully human. I see that she is up to the task.
Thanks again, Minky

Neil in Atlanta

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