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March 9, 2009
Social, economic change is in the air in post-Fidel Cuba

With Raúl Castro now in charge, change is in the air and being talked about openly in Cuba’s streets, from young people testing the limits of protest to the government forging new economic partnerships around the globe. Fidel’s younger brother has even allowed Cubans to use cell phones.

But despite significant shifts, many Cubans are still unable to raise their standard of living, report Worldfocus correspondent Peter Eisner and producer Ara Ayer. 

Also, listen to our radio show exploring the roots of U.S.-Cuban relations and potential changes under President Barack Obama.

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Maybe I am being naive but I really think that change in Cuba will be accelerated through engagement. Not isolation.


Why is NO one asking themselves why Castro outsted Lage and Roque? There is NO change in Cuba the repression is tighter than ever!!


I take issue with the statement that ” Raul has given Cubans unprecedentent access to cell phones and cumputers”…. eventhough cuban are allowed to buy cell phones the prices are a few months worth what a cuban earns, and in regards to computers, they sold them only once and at elevated prices, tell the reporter to go and find one in Havana nowadays, they are nowhere to be found, unless one goes to specialty stores where they are sold in US dollars. Ah, and let it be known that Cubans are not allowed to access the internet, those who do or post from Cuba have to jump through hoops to do it. There is no pluralistic society in Cuba, they may allow a disent here and there, but check what is happening to independent journalists or independent libraries, they are constantly harassed, their materials confiscated and some times even a jail sentence is not far behind. Remember, the poet or the magazine director work for the government…. they are not independent…is they move away from the government professes, they’ll find themselves out of a job or worse. If you really like to hear about the daily tribulations that a cuban goes thru to survive daily visit the following blog:
from there you can link to several blogs written in Cuba by young or not so young cubans. visit Octavo Cerco, SinEvasion, desde la Habana, Habanemia, Lunes de postrevolucion, etc….
After visiting them, you’ll learn about the real Cuba…
I am proud to consider myself a US citizen for the past 22 years…


I livve in s. florida Idont know why channel 2 doesnt show your news program PBC


A wonderful piece! Wide ranging, with each scene potentially an in depth story itself. Excellent reporting. Deserving of a follow-up.

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